• Simon Harbord
    A so sad news.
    I first met Simon in KAPiFrance 2005. I was a baby kaper and he offered me one of his Aurokap rig, just made under my eyes.
    Simon was one of some people more than important in the KAP history. His inventivity and his kind manner to talk with other were remarkables.
    Last time we met, it was in Labruguière during KAPiFrance125, we talk about Collodion and old photographic processes. He became a master here too.
    And I have thoughts for Lyn and everryone who loved him.
    Good bye fellow Simon.
    PS : Pierre had opened a subject on the French Kap forum (http://photocerfvolant.free.fr/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6620).
  • Simon Harbord
    a few more images of Simon
    image image
    A demonstration of Pole Aerial Photography at KapiCA 2006
    Heidy, Lyn and Simon
  • Simon Harbord
    Simon always made me smile. Even when separated by oceans and years I would think of Simon, with his youthful enthusiasm, sharp wit, and inventive outside-the-box, lateral thinking mind, and smile.
    While Simon was one of the hardy pre-Internet kite aerial photographets (Skyshots c. 1986), I first met him in the mid-1990s as WWW sites started to connect far flung KAPpers. Simon came to visit San Francisco several times, most recently in 2006 when he introduced me to the wonders of a carp pole.
    Simon in 2006.
    Simon was key figure in my kite aerial photography tutelage. I remember packages arriving with contraptions he had invented - the delightful Silly Putty autoKAP rig and one with multi-leg mechanical switches and a barbeque rotissery motor.
    Somehow, a WWW page I posted on Simon in 1996 is still online. I just enjoyed re-reading Simon's page of KAPisms.
    It is time to pull out the delta and try some slack line KAPing. When the kite and cradle come into pefect equilibrium I will smile yet again and think of my friend Simon.
  • Simon Harbord
    Pierre's photo reminded me that back in 2005 I was one of the first customers to order Simon's AutoKAP kit that he's demonstrating there, complete with potty (silly) putty. I think I've still got the small bag it came in!
    And I owe my carp poles to Simon too - I bought one soon after reading about the one he took to KAPica 2006. A true innovator!
  • Simon Harbord
    Oh Dear... very sad news indeed..
    I first met Simon at KAPiCA in 2006 and we then had the pleasure to visit him and Lynn in 2007, he was a fantastic host and talented guide who showed us some hidden targets in Aberdeenshire and thanks to him we discovered the art of flying "slack line" and the simplicity and beauty of AutoKAP !
    A great Kite flyer, KAPer, with a wonderful sense of humor !
    Slack Line ...
  • Near-infrared kite aerial archaeology
    Hi again :-)
    We like to do aerial archaeology with our kites, and a couple of days ago the magnificent dr. John Wells donated us an infrared modified camera, a Pentax WG-10 with the IR block filter removed (an amazing gift, we are still in awe - sending big thanks).
    So we took it for a test, and we flew the venerable Rokkaku over a field in Kašelj near Ljubljana, Slovenia, where a Roman villa rustica is supposed to be. And maybe - maybe! - we got something. The full report is here on our KAP website, a couple of photos are below.
    Contrast-enhanced NIR photo of the field. Some structures are clearly visible.
    NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) created from a near-infrared and a normal photo. NDVI brings out subtle differences in plant growth (wheat in this case) that sometimes correspond to bured walls and ditches.
    Church of St. Andrew guarding the site. This is a normal KAP, shot with Canon A810.
    And we got a preliminary reply from professional archaeologists we send these photos to: "Looks promising, worth a closer look and a second visit!" :-)
  • Kites and Romans
    Inspired by the great aerial archeology work of dr. John Wells, we headed out to Prlekija to see if we cand find something with our kites.
    Turns out - we maybe can!
    On this kite aerial photo - with brutally enhanced contrast - you can see a (light, straight) Roman road, and a (dark, wavy) fossil riverbed, silted up long long ago ...
    Check out the full story on our KAP website ... ;-)
  • A Baroque Manor
    The largest extant Baroque architectural ensemble in Slovenia: Dornava Manor.
    The manor is renowned for its Baroque axis and gardens that extended for almost a mile from the main building itself. Built in the first half of the 18th century. Read more about this beautiful place (and see more kite aerial photos) on our KAP website! ;-)
    image image image
    Incidetally, this was the first KAP session done with a new kite, a dr.agon D90 BW mini delta, designed for strong winds :-)
  • A Medieval Town
    Risking to be seen as a spammer, but we have another one ... ;-)
    Urban KAP has its problems (including ever tighter regulations), but the results are often worth it. This the heart of medieval Ljubljana, Slovenia. Upper and Old Square, with houses and churches dating to 17th century.
    image image image image
    You are very welcome to visit our KAP website for more kite aerial photos and a bit of history of Ljubljana ... :-)
  • Iron Age burial mounds
    It's us again - by popular demand ;-) .... A couple of kite aerial photos of an Iron Age burial complex near Prelože, Slovenia.
    The site as seen from a kite
    Five barrows were explored that belong to Hallstatt C2-D1 culture, and were created between 7th and 6th century BCE.
    Barrow 1
    The site is presented as a nice archaeological park - well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area!
    Northern group, Barrows 3 and 4 (unfortunately Barrows 2 and 5 were destroyed by previous excavations and agriculture)
    Read more about the site on our KAP website ... ;-)
  • A Gothic Minor basilica of St Mary the Protectress
    At Ptujska Gora in Lower Styria, Slovenia, a magnificent church was built in late 14th century. Dedicated to St. Mary the Protectress it is one of the most important medieval monuments in Slovenia and this part of Europe.
    The basilica is perched on a hill above the plains of Drava field; we launched our KAP delta from below, flying up and catching the church with the camera pointed nearly horizontally.
    Please check out the full story - with more kite aerial photos - at our KAP website! ;-)
  • High Wind Kites
    Paul, tawa is used by PFK because it's available here in NZ (although getting more scarce), but I'm sure there are plenty of other timbers that would be equally or more suited to purpose - finding them available in the right sizes would be the problem. I have seen oak, beech, and cherry mentioned as strong, dense woods that might perhaps be considered. Just don't try growing your own tawa, as it apparently needs 200 years to reach maturity!
  • High Wind Kites
    I like the PFK super kite for KAP in the stronger winds, or even just for flying when the wind is lighter. I bought the Super Kite over the more common Nighthawk as it was rated for higher winds and I tend to holiday in places where the wind is rather fierce and unrelenting. I've never broken the wooden spreader, I'm using a 10 mm diameter tawa spreader (the 8mm arrived broken). Although it apparently doesn't need a tail, I observed some tail usage at KAPiFrance on PFK kites, and subsequently put I fuzzy tail on my superkite - it pulls the kite a little lower in the sky and calms its temperament down somewhat - most of the time I now fly it with a tail. The trailing edges are getting quite frayed but this kite continues to serve well, bought in 2012.
    Sutton FlowForm 8, A kite I use a lot in strongish winds, always flown with a fuzzy tail, being a flowform it can be difficult getting it up in the air out of ground turbulence. I like how my ff8 performs others I have spoken to have been less happy with how theirs behave, to the extent some won't use them for KAP. I bought my flowforms 16 & 8 in 2009, since then they have both had many hundreds of flights and are still going (I do have some replacements tucked away).
    I once had a go at KAP with a Sutton FlowForm 4, the line angle was it bit too low for my liking.
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Our first real venture into urban KAP ... Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, as seen from a kite.
    Please, check more photos at our KAP Website ... ;-)
    image image image
  • Iška Moor nature reserve - from a kite
    Iška Moor nature reserve is one of the finest examples of damp, marshy grasslands in Slovenia. The eastern part of the reserve was overgrown and is in the process of meadow restoration since 1998.
    The old meandering channel of river Iška is clearly visible from the air, despite being silted up since melioration in the late 18th century.
    All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on a Royal 69 sled kite. See the full report and more kite aerial photos of this fantastic place at our KAP website!
  • Dawn of Civilization - as seen from a kite
    @KAP_Jasa >>> Everytime I read "Dawn of Civilization", I think "DAWN OF MAN".
    {Yeah, I have watched 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY more than once...LOL}
  • Yvon's KAP Rig #6
    I just did a slight modification to my rig to add a HDMI to AV converter so I can transmit my Sony A5000 video output. With this camera, I saving about 300g compared to using my Canon T4i (EOS 650D).
    image image image image image image image
  • KAPiXX - Ideas for a future KAP gathering - add your voice!
    Dave, you either fly to Copenhague or Hamburg it is then a 2h30 drive to the coast and a 15 minutes ferry crossing to Fano. We rent a small comfortable Air BnB for 75 Euros a night. Here is a view of the beach.
  • Kite festival Gujarat 2019
    First of all - welcome back! Were quite frustrated and sad during the eclipse of this forum ... ;-) (BTW; if you need any help, a new domain, transfer, server space ... I am sure together we can do something!)
    Anyhow, we were a part of IKF Gujarat in Ahmedabad, India. It was an unforgettable, crazy, beautiful experience. So much memories, so many new friends! :-)
    Below are a couple of photos of the action at the kite flying venue, and here is a link to a full report on our KAP website - with more kite aerial photos and videos. Enjoy! :-)
    image image image image image
  • Ancient monastery and contemporary art
    We had a really great - and really lucky - kite aerial photography session at a spectacular site: the former Kostanjevica na Krki cistercian monastery, now Božidar Jakac Art Museum. Check the full story on our KAP website ...
    A 13th century Gothic church, the largest arcade courtyard in Central Europe, a Baroque coulisse, embrasures and a tree-lined allée, an outdoor Forma Viva sculptures collection ... all seen from the air. Well worth a click! ;-)
    image image image

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