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I currently use a Canon s70 on a BEAK rig. I have been very happy with this camera and it has served me well.

However, I would like to upgrade to a camera with higher image quality and the ability to make larger prints. I plan to keep using my BEAK and just replace the camera. I am looking for a minimum of 10mp and a 28mm or wider lens. This will be a camera strictly for KAP, so I don't care about non-KAP features.

I know that there have been a lot of discussion about these cameras lately, but they are scattered throughout several threads and there seems to be no real conclusions in any of the threads.

These are the cameras I have narrowed it down to and some thought on each one:

Canon Powershot G10 - Fits my specs. May be too heavy for the BEAK though? I don't know much about CHDK, but is there a way to program an interval timer into this camera? Cons: No remote capabilities that I know of.

Nikon Coolpix P600 - Fits my specs. Cons: No remote capabilities that I know of.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 - Fits my specs. Cons: No remote capabilities that I know of.

Ricoh Caplio GX200 - This is the one I am leaning twords. Mostly because it has an interval timer and won't require a remote or servo to trigger it. The one con is that there is no shutter priority mode, which is what I prefer for KAP.

Sigma DP1 - I would like this camera over all the others except that there are no remote capabilities and others have had problems getting a servo to trigger this camera. So unless someone can convince me otherwise, I have pretty much decided against this camera.

Now, what I need help with is deciding based on which camera has the best image quality and ability to adapt my BEAK to the new camera, although I would not be against building a new autoKAP rig. The cost of the camera is not much of a concern because I have been saving money for this reason for a while now.

Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated. Also, if there are cameras not listed here that I should consider, please let me know.

Thank you in advance!


  • G10, GX200 and P6000 have remote capability, the CAMremote is able to control these cams through USB. G10 is the best - you can control aperture, shutter speed and other features too.
  • I think the camera you are curently using, the s70 is a great camera for KAP. To me the only downside is the weight. And maybe the speed of processing (RAW) pictures. But that is not your reason to go for another one I understand.
    What are you refering to if you say the image quality of the s70 is not good enough if I may ask?

  • They have a narrower field of view at 35mm equivalent, but the Canon A650 and Canon G9 have only slightly less resolution than the G10, and I can say first-hand I'm pleased with their optical performance. The field of view is a little narrow, though. It takes getting used to. Both can run CHDK, so remote shutter operation can be done over the USB interface.

  • I recommend the following to upgrade your Canon S70 (which is a good KAP camera):

    - Canon G9 (with CHDK control) - I hope to try this out in the next few days....stay tuned for a KAP review

    - Canon A590IS (with CHDK)

    - Pentax W60 (with built in intervolemeter)
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    Here is a interval timer you can build for a few $'s. This one have 3 settings, 5,10,15 sec. I'm making one at the moment, should be ready in breadboard later today.The chip is an Ne555.

    remote interval timer
  • Jamsklee, I am pretty happy with the s70. The quality complaints I have is that there is a bit of chromatic aberration, but mainly the focus gets soft around the edges of the frame with my s70. I would also like to make larger prints and be able to crop in a bit more in some cases, so a camera with more MP interests me as well.
  • I have been flying the DP1 a few times, it has been modified by Harbourtronics for electronic AF and shutter, but it seems mine was the last one they would accept to modify ( other companies opened it and refused to touch it as it seems pretty jammed...) great definition, proprietary soft for RAW treatment ( forget lightroom or any other softwares) flat JPEG and very, very slow RAW, but great results.
    I also sometimes use the coolpix P 6000 a great camera with its wide angle converter and the gentled Auto does miracles every 5 seconds. The CAMremote alos works well with it, here too the RAW treatment is not yet possible with most standart softwares. I kike Nikon optics. It can go up to ISO 6400 but with quire some noise. Last week Agnos just released dedicated tubes to adapt the fish eye FC E8 and E9. I highly recommend its wide angle converter which will give 21 mm.
    I mostly use the GX 100 and now the GX 200, great cameras. The 5 seconds intervalometer is ideal for Autokap and the GX 200 in RAW will only take 3 to 4 seconds in RAW a definite plus. The wide angle converter will give you 19 mm which is ideal for my type of KAP. The ricoh wide angle can be adapted on the DP1 with a ring you will find online on Lensmate and you will get an equivalent 21 mm wide angle on the DP1. I highly recommend the GX 100 or 200 which are ideal cameras for minimum autokap sessions with great results. I don't see the lack of S program as a handicap but I mostly use it in ideal tropical light conditions.
    I never used the G10 for Kap but it's abit on the heavy side and for the LX3, I don't know but the reviews are great and Ludovic a KAPer from Martinique FWI seems to be very happy with it. ( I also used the Leica Dlux3 with a finger servo and it gave me some excellent results)
    So all this does not answer your question but to conclude I would either go with a GX 100 ( good ones for 130 $ on ebay) or GX 200 if you shoot in RAW and make sure to also get the the wide angle converter.
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    Aha. I see Evan. I never used the expensive camera's you mentioned and I don't have the ilusion that the powershot s70 can keep up with them. Especially the sigma and the ricoh you mentioned are amazing camera's. I think if you are going for more megapixel, you probably want a lager sensor. And for what i have seen the sigma has the largest sensor of them all.

    mary christmas

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    Michael, I appreciate the information, but I have no idea what most of that stuff in the diagram means. I know almost nothing about electronics or engineering. Most of my KAP interest is art based.

    Pierre, thank you for the reviews and advice. I am leaning twords a GX200 and from your review I am more confident in that now. I would really like to use the DP1, but I remember reading that they were doing no more modifications on that one after yours. Lucky! In conclusion, is it fair to say that the GX200 also has the highest image quality of the other cams you use (besides the DP1)?

    I usually shoot in RAW, although recently I noticed my S70 was missing some shots because it was taking too long to write the file. I also almost always use the lowest ISO setting to avoid as much noise as possible, so the maximum ISO settings don't really make any difference to me.

    Why can't we just choose the features from each camera that we want and make a custom one!
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