Re-Casing the transmitter

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wondering what others have done to recase the transmitter???
I caught a video where Mr. Benton who had a real slick looking one hander. mentioned that he made it himself.

What have you done???


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    I repackaged a Spektrum DX6 2.4 GHz transmitter a while back. This has worked well for me.

    Transmitter package modification
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    Not quite a re-package, but a "packaging" of a transmitter kit (which is unfortunately discontinued).

    Bum-bag Transmitter

  • A long time ago I repackaged a 35MHz set into two boxes.
    Here's what it looks like image

    Now I'm using a 2.4GHz set I'm trying to pluck up the courage to put it through the band saw a la Benton!
  • Here are two other examples:, on Flickr">KAPshop repacked RC transmitters

    The black one is based on a Futaba F-14. It's construction was described in Aerial Eye, issue 3.1.
    The blue one uses the same transmitter kit as James is using., on Flickr">KAPshop repacked RC transmitter

    In both cases the belt can be used to anchor the kite too.
  • rather surprised to see the web archive has still kept my old pages on repackaging an FM transmitter alive:
  • Hey, cool! I was hoping to find this thread again and ask some of these same questions. I'm not quite ready to repackage my Turborix, but it's coming some time after WWKW.

    Thanks for the link, Simon. I'm going to go read that now.

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    Ten years ago I built several repackaged Futaba/Tower 4-channel transmitters. The only pic I could find quickly is this one:

    repack TX

    I used a slider for tilt, the red pushbutton for shutter, and an on-off-on spring-loaded toggle (just above shutter) for pan with a continuous pan servo; just above the pan toggle is another toggle for HoVer. The counter was much more useful in the days of film, and isn't available anymore to my knowledge.
  • I made a minimal mod to my Futaba xmtr. Removed one joystick, replaced with one pushbutton and one rotary potentiometer, both mounted on plastic to fill the hole where the joystick used to be. Pushbutton for shutter, rotary pot for tilt. Still use the other joystick in spring-loaded center mode for the pan axis. Since I usually use Aurico now, I have no compelling need for a small KAP xmtr.
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    I also did a little remote hand control extension for my Airtronics Infinty 600:

    Hand Controller

    I never used it much since I transitioned to 2.4 GHz soon after its completion.
  • These are all Great! Thanks!
    I've got my rig about half build and waiting on the 2.4GHz tx from hobbytown thought it would be a good way to start.
    Ill keep you posted on the re-package.
    Cheers, James
  • I didn't want to chop up my Spektrum to much so I could still use it for other things so I took a different approach. I routed the wires from the left joy stick to a 6PDT slide switch mounted just below the transmitter board and ran from there to an 8 pole circular jack mounted in a new hole in the lower front. Branched off the gear switch to the jack for shutter control. The hand pendant has a slide pot for tilt, a DPDT switch for pan with a separate pot to adjust pan speed and a push button on the back side for shutter. Finding an 8 conductor spiral cord was a bit of a challange. Just unplug the pendant and flip the switch and it reverts to a stock transmitter.

    I also added a removable antenna to make it all easier to pack.
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    I've made my re-packaged Turborix slightly more ergonomic by adding a moulded piece to one side so it fits my palm better.
    Protoype with ergonomic addition
    Here's a photo showing how I hold it.
    Protype in hand
    I can thoroughly recommend the Turborix - very easy to program for KAP (e.g. so that panning is nice and slow, with very little creep). Range is good too.

    For more details, see here or the PDF document here.
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    I’ve been very impressed by David Wheeler’s re-packaged RC and Arduino Kap Controller (January 2015) and have been inspired to share some photos and a video of my own KAP controller and NEX 5n rig which have been in use for the past 18 months.
    Photo image

    This controller is belt mounted allowing me to use one hand for the kite when shooting and two hands when things get busy! It has a 5.8 gHz video receiver and display and uses Arduino for automatic panorama shots, either multiple shots for stitching or the NEX 5n’s auto panorama mode. It has potentiometer and joystick modes with the shutter button incorporated into the joystick. Additional switches allow a quick change to portrait orientation and a power conserving switch which turns off the video link at both ends. It has options allowing operation with different rigs – Nex 5n, Ricoh GR or the Sony A6000.
    Video image

    From a technology standpoint it is a real hybrid incorporating the original 2.4 gHz HobbyKing Tx, a 5.8gHz Hobbyking Rx and a Freetronics Arduino board as well as battery, charging circuit and 4 inch video display unit. Given the advance in technology since this was built and the excellent work by Dave Wheeler in unravelling the Hobbyking Tx module’s input code, I believe that these controllers can only get smaller.
  • @skysnaps99 / admin : there is no image,.... I have the same problem and it is for this reason that I can only add links to IPERNITY

    SMAC from Italy
  • SMAC, to see the image I right click on the photo symbol and 'open image in new tab'.

  • OK with Safari on MAC,... with Firefox on MAC NO GO
    Great !!!
    SMAC from Italy
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    @skysnaps 99 - Your image link did not work because you used the insert image tab above (good) but then entered the URL for the Flickr page containing the image instead of the URL of the image itself. (not so good).

    URL for Flickr page produces image

    URL for the image on Flickr produces


    Now the question about where to find the URL for the image on Flickr. On the Flickr page look for the "sharing arrow" icon in the lower right margin below the image. Click on this, select HTML and Medium Size then copy the URL that Flickr presents just below these options. Your image URL is present in this code.

    Note that you can bypass the image tab on our message editing screen and just paste the Flickr generated URL directly in a post on our KAP site. This code includes a link back to the Flickr image page - not a bad thing and required by Flickr's license.

    Pasting <a href=""; title="Skysnaps99 KAP Controller by Al, on Flickr"><img src=""; width="500" height="335" alt="Skysnaps99 KAP Controller"></a> straight into your forum message text produces

    Skysnaps99 KAP Controller

    On your Flickr video Andrew Newton posted that he was gob smacked! Count me in that number too. This is impressive work.
  • Impressive KAP rig with full control. Well done! Love the video showing operation on flickr.

  • Chalk me up for gob smacked as well! NICE WORK!

  • Many thanks everyone for your kind comments on the rig and controller. This forum has provided most of the ideas in one way or another and as always ‘we stand on the shoulders of giants’. The contributors to this thread in particular have provided much of the inspiration while the added perspiration has come while developing and testing the several prototypes preceding this effort.

    The video was great fun to make with 12 ‘takes’ in all before I got the right timing and file sizes required by Flickr.

    I’m grateful to Cris (Admin) for setting me straight on how to upload the photos correctly and should be able to refer back to this page for a refresher next time!

  • @skysnaps99

    Phenomenal! Works as an extension of your hand. :O)


  • I finally completed my own repackaged transmitter. Here's the obligatory photo and a link to a brief demo video:

    The Finished Product

    Demo Video.
  • Thanks for posting a video. Love this rig. Great job.

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    After being inspired by some of the great work I've seen on these forums over the last couple of years, I re-packaged my RC TX last year, to make it smaller and lighter, and thus more portable - as well as making it easier to use one-handed. I'm currently only using two channels on a 6 channel TX/RX - and can add more controls in the future if I need additional channels.

    Here's the result:

    See my blog post for more details and photos, including photos of the inside of the transmitter case.
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    I decided to have a go at this:


    The first thing I needed was a really good strong enclosure, big enough to take the Tx board. Not easy. Rolec do a really strong openable one:

    Next I have to wait for the parts, being lazy I'm going to try and use as much of the Spektrum assembly as possible to avoid soldering. The first snag is the openings needed on the top plate- I'm looking for help on cutting the holes for the thumbstick, LEDs and such.

    I'm fed up with snapping bits of the transmitter to this should fix it!

  • Having got a jury rigged set up I tested the thumbstick control with a live rig. Not good. Needs work. You can't drive the thing and hold it still to shoot with the thumbstick!

    Am now looking at splitting off the controls something like this:

  • Nearly there:


    Once I have stuck the loose boards down I'm going to go and fly with it before setting out the cut-outs in the top plate.

    It's been a fiddly business but I can't wait to get this out of the shed and into the field!

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