G(oPro) S(traight) D(own)-rig.... Available.

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GSD-rig, or GoPro Straight Down rig.

Here is the final version:
Gopro Straight Down Rig

Dimensions: 115 x 115 mm (155 mm diagonal)

Delivery as shown on the picture:
- plywood base
- 4x screw
- 1x Velcro strap

Price: ...................................


  • So simple. So lovely. Bravo, Wicherd.
  • Thanks Broox, that's a big compliment.

    Here's the weight:

    Plywood including 4 screws: 18 grams
    4 pulleys: 6
    Line: 9
    Clips: 5

    Ads up to a total of .............38 grams.
  • I like plywood.
  • Hi !

    I like this stuff !

    Let us know when its ready for sell !!

    Best wishes Gerhard

    I love this small camera, only for fun...
  • I updated the original post with the final version of the Gopro Straight Down Rig.

    If you're interested, just send me a mail.

    wicherd at vogelblik dot nl
  • The first post is updated with shipping cost.
    Payment via Paypal is no problem.
  • As soon as my first stock arrives, it'll be available for delivery to North America at


    Watch this space!
  • Got the thing, it's beautifully made down to the fine details like those little stainless screws for a picavet.

  • edited April 2011
    I received mine last week. It is very well made and lite. Until I get a GoPro, I put a SD780 on it - it just fits - nothing larger would work. I have not flown mine yet but look forward to a light wind day.

    Thanks Wicherd,

  • I've got a supply -- now I need the time to put it up on the website!

    Soon, I promise.

  • OK, I got em up on the site. You'll find them on the Kits & Bits page.

  • I love the design on this mount, Wicherd. What a great example of KISS.

  • Back from Berck...

    Thanks Tom.
    Just before Berck I decided to complicate things a little with respect to the GoPro. This resulted in a first prototype of the GoPro Pan Tilt rig. It needs a couple of changes, but it's there and working.
    It was photographed an awful lot at Berck. keep an eye on a new thread for this one.
  • I got a little creative with the GSD and put my SD780 on it.

    See pics here

    Now if I could just get the SD780 shutter speed worked out! Scripts that work fine on my A540 will not take manual control of SD780 shutter speed - grrr!! Still working on it.
  • Thanks for the pictures. Very interesting to see that the little rig can be used for other camera's too.

    Sorry I can't help you on the shutter speed issue, I have no knowledge on the 780. But I'm pretty sure if you post your question in a new thread it will get answered soon enough.
  • Do the cutouts for seating the camera on the GSD-rig accommodate the Hero2?
  • Absolutely, the Hero2 fits perfectly.

  • Thanks Peter, It just keeps getting better all the time!
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