New Rig Design (not by me)

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I want to share a very clever, and for me new and inovativ rig design!

It's not my own design! I saw it at the kitefliers meeting on fano this year. It is the rig of this man:


Blame me, but I forgot to ask him about his name. But I'm pretty shure, he is a member of the famous Team Multiflight!

But now to his rig!

I hope, I can explain the idea behind this rig with my stumbling and humbling english.

Forget about light rigs, this one is heavy! Realy heavy! Say heavy in a deep, stern voice, to get an impression how heavy it is.


But this rig was extremly stable. You could move and shake the line without getting any pendulum motion into the rig.

I think the trick is the "tower" above the line. He sayed his rig is in "cadansc". He put some weight (batteries and videotransmitter) inside that tower, and balanced the rig by moving the tower up and down. So if you move the line, bottom and top of the rig will get the same force from inertia, and no torsional moment will result. The rig stays allways straight.

On the balancer, the horizontal rods, is some lead at the ends, to help the system to balance - like a rope walker!

I looks crazy, if someone would have told me before of a rig, with weight above the line, I would have laughed about that idea. But it works! I never saw such a calm and steady rig before!

Marcus (aka Tiggr)

PS: If someone is interested in this design, I may share some detail image.

PPS: If someone knows the person from the first foto, please ask him, if it is ok for him, that I show his rig in public!

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  • The tower is acting as a mass damper :) nice!
  • This balance technique is the the same that I use on my first version of a mast camera gimbal, always self leveling without rocking. Based on the steadicam design. The closer the camera to the line, the less weight needed to counter balance.
  • To me the trick is the balancer. This rig is a good one. I will have to go a new way.
  • Tiggr, yes I would be interested in seeing images with more detail.

    This is really timely since I've been looking at making a rig similar to what you find in a Steadicam (or closer to a Spidercam, which is the camera system that's suspended by wires over sporting events.) I'm planning on making one that weighs a lot less, and I was planning to use a Picavet, but otherwise the idea is quite similar. And now I'm second-guessing the idea of using a Picavet! There's nothing quite like seeing an idea at work to make you believe it's possible. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi all,
    I just found this discussion by accident. It's been 7 years now. Has anyone got more information about how it works?

    Have you pursue your design as discussed above?
  • Hi,

    it was a pleasure to see again this picture with the very strange and interesting RIG

    I was thinking that the key point was the balancer and so I tried a RIG that I have used few trials, you can see at :

    it's not a good way.... when it is stable ok it's stable when starts to swing gets horrible... and too heavy with no evident advantage vs picavet or pendulum

    SMAC from Italy
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