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It seems like, after an unfortunate landing in the sand, my camera's lens gears are stuck, and I have the dreaded lens error: lens will not retract, and is stuck half way. I've tried some approached mentioned on websites such as http://www.e18error.com/, but to no avail. I am hesitantly considering to open the camera and dig my way in to find and clean the gears manually, but as a last resort.

Is there any other way I could solve this error that people here know of?

Thanks! Jasja


  • Jasja

    if the lens has been pushed sideways by a bump, it's my experience that one or more of the small plastic gears that extend and retract the lens is broken, in which case you're probably going to be out of luck. However, if the lens is stuck because particles of sand have gone into the lens housing things look much better. In the latter case, before opening the case, try brushing out the particles with a fine brush - you may be able to slide it into the gaps.

    For all the Canon cameras I've tried taking apart (Ixus/Elph models only), getting at the lens assembly unfortunately requires taking most of the camera apart. The S95 may be different.
  • Hi Dave,
    that would indeed be the end of the camera. I guess the gears are to small to 3d print even if I could make an accurate copy. I am still hoping for sand, at first the lens did retract, then extended again and got stuck. When I turn it on I hear the motor working then stopping. Will try the brush trick, thanks!

  • Jasja

    it's worth gently shaking and tapping the camera with the lens pointing downwards to try to dislodge any sand particles. About 5 years ago I had just this problem with my S70 when using it on a sandy beach in a gusty wind. On bringing down the rig, I temporarily put the rig, with camera still switched on, down on the sand and the wind blew sand all over it. Gentle shaking did the trick eventually.
  • If you can't fix it with the suggested fixes, you can get Canon to repair it. I smashed my S95 lens in a hard landing (on asphalt) and Canon was able to fix it. I forget the amount they charged, but I think it was around $100.
  • I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I had success in fixing a camera with a similar problem, using a vacuum cleaner on high power. It was a last-ditch attempt, and the camera would have been thrown away had it not worked. However, the machine sucked out the sand and the camera is still in use. I found using a brush did not work and tended to push sand particles deeper into the mechanism.

  • Thanks, i will carefully try the vacuum cleaner approach, and will ask Canon for a quote (probably "it depends"). Unfortunately it was a second hand camera, so warranties don't mean a thing, and I probably already voided that anyway opening the housing...
  • My SD980 camera landed into sand and lens got stuck as well. I disassembled my camera and lens. It was impossible to open lens mechanics without damage because of total stuck. Finally I glued broken parts together. Got camera working again.
  • Unhappy start of the weekend: I had another Canon S95 lens getting stuck, within half a year of getting it. Send it in to Canon. Just received a reply claiming it is not covered by the warranty. Repair would cost 390 euro, slightly more than the price of a new one. Just sending it back to me already is 40 euro's. :-(

    I guess debating the statement that is not covered by warranty is a hopeless cause?
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    If you or someone else has the skill and are careful, you can replace the entire CCD and lens assembly with this item :-

    Ebay # 140858802430
  • I just heard I do not fall under warranty because my camera is missing a sticker with the serial no. Will make some calls to Nikon and my vendor, but David, if that does not work I will try this as a last resort!
  • "Nikon"?
  • :-) Er. Canon. Sorry! The vendor is now talking to Canon. Hope to be under warrenty after all.
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