Great little wireless video cam (2.4GHz)

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I bought this cheap little wireless video cam for my PAP rig, but it might be good for KAP too (for aiming, when the photo camera has no video output) . It still worked at 100 m (330 ft).

Click the image for more details and related images.

Cheers, Hans.

PAP rig: tiny video camera


  • Cool and tiny
    I wonder if it will interfere my R/C gear.
  • >I wonder if it will interfere my R/C gear.
    If that is 2.4GHz: probably yes. And with your WiFi...
  • I was wondering as I'm using Aurora 9 which can hope (jump) frequencies according to interference in the air.
    I found that if I turn on my 2.4G video TX from the RC plane and only then the R/C I don't get interference but if another buddy turn on video TX
    than I start gets glitches on the signal
  • It looks great !
    Where did you buy it ? What are you using for a transmitter/reciever ?
  • Hi JoeyGrob,

    Click on the image an read along. There is more info there.

    Cheers, Hans,
  • I've had trouble with these little cameras. They seem to get warmer than I think they should. Then they stop sending the image and eventually the screen rolls and that's the end of them. I bought another recently and that did the same so I'm looking for a different type.

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  • Sue, are you powering them with 5V? Or closer to 6v? Depending on how they're regulated internally anything over 5V may be dissipated as heat.

  • Hans,
    I tried clicking each photo several times - no further info, nothing. Any idea what I'm doing
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    FWIW: The photos above link here - I presume Mr. Hans Elbers is our very own "hanselpedia":

    There is a link there to this eBay page, but the page says the listing has ended:
  • @Tom
    I've been using 3 x AAA batteries which at 1.5v each add up to 4.5v so that shouldn't be the problem. I could try it with the supplied mains converter to see what happens. The latest one recovered but was getting warm when I tried it again.

    Does anyone recommend a mini camera which can be powered by batteries which has served them well over a longer time?

    (I can plug in to my Pentax cameras but the lead is getting shorter each time the wire breaks and anyway I've started using Canon and the SDM to control them.)

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  • Canon Powershots are pretty easy to wire for video. They use 3.5mm head phone plugs (3.5mm TRS or audio plugs). I could pull up a wiring diagram for you if you want, but basically you get one wire each for ground, video, and audio. They should wire straight into a video transmitter.

  • Thanks Tom but I have started using SDM for a stereo rig which uses the mini usb for the power input.
    My Canon A2400 only has the usb sockets - no other sockets at all. If I'm not using that I could wire that output to the transmitter. But for now....

    I've just ordered a different mini 2.4ghz camera from "light in the box" in the UK. It comes with a 9v adaptor so that should work fine.

    I saw a mini wi-Fi camera which seemed like a brilliant idea as the wi-Fi can bu picked up by a phone....til I read a review. The quality seems to be poor and the signal doesn't travel far. It's a cute ball about the size as my thumb. Pity.

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  • Oooooh. That's wild! It looks like it uses the same pinouts as the T2i. It's basically a double-sided USB port. Normal USB on one side, A/V stuff on the other side. It's possible to build a video/power cable, but it would take some serious monkeying. I still haven't found a good source of those connectors.

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    Just following along, Tom, isn't the 11 pin connector you are referring to this one at the KAP Shop?

    If so, that is what I have used for quite a while to get shutter power into my Canon 200SX (also running SDM) and also reliably get a video signal out. If that is not what you mentioned above...oh well. So MANY bits and pieces. :-)
  • WHOA! I didn't know Peter offered these!

    Peter, do you know if these work for getting video out of a Canon DSLR? If they do, count me in! (I really don't like my current cable.)

  • That connector was introduced to us by Scott Armitage (if I remember it right).
    Sparkfun supplied them, amongst others, but I have the impression there there is no more stock.

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    I built my first connector from the Sparkfun piece, then later bought a new one from the KAP Shop. Both are very good. If the above is the case (not in stock), there is a ton of information from Scott Armitage and others in the following KAP threads...



    Actually, I used that very idea on my Canon 200SX, discussed here:

    Huh Oh...information overload?

    Sort of off-topic:
    By the way (if anyone reads this far in this post), does anyone know what the word, "TUCIT" stands for? I know it is a type of transmitter, but what does this acronym actually mean?

    It's a discontinued autoKAP controller made by Simon Sherwin in Japan:
  • Thanks guys! I should have figured that out.
  • I wasn't aware that the double-sided HTC ExtUSB connector had become so hard to find. Maybe this happened when the EU mandated that all new phones must charge via a micro-USB. My usual sources for this connector + breakout board were PodGizmo (apparently out of business), Kineteka (apparently out of business) and SparkFun (out of stock). A web search for "extusb" turned up a few others that that are also out of stock. lists them as "in stock", but this is not true.
  • My new I I camera arrived today. (See above post) I ordered it on 15 June and it arrived today 18 June. It is only 2cm x 2cm x 2.5 cm. it comes with a bracket which is probably too big to use for KAP. It will be velcro'd on as usual. I have some very strong Velcro - not the normal stuff used in dressmaking. It has a viewing angle of 62 degrees which is quite a bit narrower than the camera but that's OK. If it's on the camera, it will definitely be in shot.

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  • I love the switch on that cable. That's one thing that sometimes frustrates me with my own cables: The only way to get local display is to unplug the video cable, then plug it in again when I'm done. I like the switch idea.

  • I;ve stopped using cameras and switched to a fatshark video goggle and reciever-transmitter. No more problems with sunshine on tiny screens and I use liveview from my Canon S100, so I can see what is going on.
  • I've been using my new little video downlink camera, see post above, it worked well at....very high...shh. Good clear picture even at that height. There should be sound as well but that doesn't work. I'll be in touch with the supplier soon.

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  • While I was away, I used the little 2.4ghz camera quite a few times. I eventually found that the signal had disappeared. When I had a good look at it, I found that the outer covering on the wires had come out of the camera and the covering of the two wires had been cut where they came out of the camera. They had shorted out and so the camera was no use. I contacted "Lightinthebox" who at first told me that they would not replace or refund the purchase price because it was more than 30 days since I recieved the package.

    I replied

    I think that I should have been able to use this "Mini 2.4GHz 1/3" CMOS Wireless Color Security Pinhole Camera with Infrared Night Vision and Audio" for longer than three months before it stopped working.
    It worked fine when I first received it but in use the covering of the wires where they come out of the camera worked outwards and subsequently the covering on the fine wires cut through and when they touched the signal was lost. The camera is now not working and I would still like a replacement please. I recommended both the camera and yourselves as a source for it on the Kite Aerial photography Forum ><; but will now have to add that it stopped working and you would not replace it.
    I hope you understand that in all conscience I cannot now recommend Lightinthebox.
    Sue Storey

    They replied

    October 09, 2014 03:07 PM From: Customer service
    Dear Customer,

    We thank you for your understanding in this matter and have begun to process the refund of £11,19.

    It normally takes 3-5 business days for the refund transaction to complete. Please keep this in mind when checking your PayPal account.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    LightInTheBox Customer Service

    So I can still recommend the firm and the camera IF you stop the wires from moving by taping them to the side of the camera.

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