Help me find a reel!



  • OK, you have to understand that this is not a Stratospool, but a very small, similarly constructed, reel of plastic with steel parts. The steel parts are: the axle and it's mount, the (ball!) bearings, the screws and the level feed control - a nice swiveling eyelet that seems to be from a fishing pole - the rest is plastic. It does have a couple of holes in the reel to tie the line to. And will hold, as I mention previously, 1000ft of 100lb test Dacron. With the line it weighs 840 grams or 1 lb. 13 oz.
    It seems to work OK, although I found myself using my gloved fingers when I wanted to slow the out-feed, the brake works fine and controls the out-feed alright, but I didn't like the idea of putting my hand near the spinning handle to adjust it. I've been hit with my No. 24 Stratospools knobs and once is too many times. It was very easy to control the speed either by hand, the spools brake (which worked quite well) or both. The smooth braking action only works in one direction, which is definitely a plus as you can reel in (without any resistance) and not change the brake. Still, I think the Straospools method of braking works better & safer.
    I did change the short loop to bungee and I think it's better this way and can slip the bungee loop over the handle as a stop or use it to hold the line-end against the brake action when not flying. I also think it would be nice if the handle folded for travel, hmmm, looking at Sue's post.
    I couldn't get a link directly to it, so here's the group page: It's in the fourth grouping down, on the left.
    All-in-all, I like it (especially for travel) and may get another for (shorter) heavier or lighter line.
  • I put "folding revolving handle" and came up with quite a few. I chose one from the UK which shouldn't take too long to arrive.

    Fly High

  • Big Azz Kite Winder

    Could always just build a really really BIG winder!

    Naaah... These are a set of side plates for a pair of fiber reels I'm building at work. The fibers in question aren't communication fibers. They're for taking starlight from the focus of the telescope to instruments elsewhere in the building. So the bend radius requirements are a little wider than what communications fibers need. Since we couldn't find commercial off-the-shelf reels for this, I got to play and design my own.

    Credit where credit's due, this goes back to the winder design Eric Kieboom posted in the forums many many years ago. I still use the winder I built off his design, and now I'm building fiber reels at work. Eric, as soon as I have these finished and installed I'll take a picture and post it.

  • @benedict : reelly nice - (KAPstan 3.0 is in construction) SMAC from Italy
  • I'm looking forward to seeing it! I

  • I finally installed the fiber reel.

    KAP-Inspired Fiber Reel

    Thanks again, Eric, for sharing your winder design all those years ago!

    We should have a sky fiber stowed on it later this month. Good for more than just kite lines!

  • Hi all! I'm quite enthused with the reels that you have developed. I'd like to build one myself. Has anyone found or published plans/drawings online that I could use as a starting point?
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