3 kap sesions under my belt so far

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So I have had the gopro camera up 3 times now. first time was at a local farmers hey field on video setting and was a very dizzying jumpy video of the field and farm house... #2 was at the Windsor dam /quabbin reservoir in central mass. This time I set the camera to take a pic every 60 sec. and got some nice shots of the dam and the lake. #3 was at the tough mudder/ warrior dash obstacle course run a couple weeks ago. WE set the kite and camera up in an adjacent field so as not to fly it over the runners heads..got some good pics of the start /finish line and the concession stands. I am currently looking for another good flying spot. I live in central mass usa about 2 hr from the ocean . so its hard to find suitable flying fields . some of the pictures are posted on my facebook page if anyone would like to check them out...facebook--(Mike Lindhorst).. Thanks for all the tips guys. I do appreciate it..


  • I'd love to see some pics.( maybe not the video to till it's deshaken) You can post here via Flickr or ipernity photo sharing websites. Upload photos to your Flickr or ipernity account then click on a photo, click on the share button and copy the URL. Paste it into the page here and a photo appears for us to see here. When we click on that pic, it takes us to your Flickr or ipernity page and we can see the rest of your photos without filling these pages up ( as it's a discussion forum. ) Post a few photos here- no problem.
    @ Admin. Is that right ?
    P. S. welcome to the wonderful KAP world and the KAP community here on the forum.

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  • just posted some pics on ipernity...not sure how to share on here yet....But if you search for mlindhorst@wildblue.net you can see the pics....I gotta go pick up the kids...Thanks again.....Mike
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    Sue's advice is on target. It is fine to post a few images here in support of the discussion. When embedding a Flickr or Ipernity image you provide a path back to your photos on those sites where interested parties can browse the larger portfolio or set. Restrain in the quantity and size of images posted here is counseled,
  • Not sure how to post a link from ipernity yet. but if you go there and search for mlindhorst@wildblue.net you can see the pics I posted of my first few kap sessions...Thanks again for all the tips guys...they really made it pretty easy for me to get started in this awesome hobby....
  • @ airhead
    On ipernity, you can be found under Mike Lindhorst. You've made a good start.

    Fly High

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