Real KAP timelapse video?

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Have you managed to do such a thing?

Of course many of us shoot in "timelapse mode", i.e. intervalometer mode, but I'm thinking such an timelapse, where all of the images' framing would be coherent, only the movement in the ground would be meaningful. Keeping the camera positioned still requires steady smooth winds, but still I guess you'd need some sort of post processing to get the frames aligned? A de-shaker software for video came to my mind at first. :) I'd love to see an example.


  • Doesn't work very well!
  • Nice idea, those foot steps! :)

    Now, running this through some de-shaker with very heavy options, could be worth trying? :)
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    Align photos in Photoshop as you would a panorama and then play with layer masks so it doesn't hide the stuff that's changing. Export as a bunch of separate frames or merge it into one image with a lot of duplicates of whatever is moving around the frame. Works for boats and children playing on sand.

    Hard to do more than 30 photos at a time with photoshop, but you can do it in batches. De-shaker would be the way to go with huge batches, but you don't limit yourself to the shared-part of the photo with photomerge in Photoshop. I think Benedict has some good ones.
  • @tgran: Ooh, I love it, I love it! Very good idea, thanks! :)
  • Way too much work for my liking!
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