Android apps for KAP?

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During my short time as a KAP'er I have developed in two directions. One is designing and building more complex and better rigs and the other is simplifying as much as possible. I am still looking för the absolute minimal set of stuff that can give me stunning pictures from above. That is where the android app enter the arena...

If I carry a pretty decent 21Mpix cameraphone in my pocket all day, why can't it fly for a moment?
I have tried to search this site for updated info on best available android app for KAP but most of it too old.
One way is to start downloading all apps that could du the job and start trying myself but I think there are more people out there that could benefit from it. For the beginner it is probably the easiest way to get into KAP.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what app can you recommend August 2014?
I guess some good features are
* intervall timer (must)
* some kind of exposure control (good)
* power saving (not necessary)
* other...?

If you have real experience from a good useful "KAPP", please write a few words on cons&pros.


  • Hi - There is work underway at Public Labs to create an app to take photos with an Android phone. The app is called SkyCam:

    We're looking for people to test and comment so the timing is perfect.
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    I'd add accelerometer trigger. With a small lens and simple rig, you might as well wait to take pictures when the phone is still.

    I think some iphone apps have burst mode and an accelerometer trigger. I don't think I've seen intervalometer+accelerometer.

    Edit: I see Ned's prototype above gives you this possibility. Cool!
  • The old version of skycam without accelerometer support still worked pretty well! I recommend giving it a spin. Since development is currently ongoing you can help shape the features/make sure it works on your specific phone.
  • Hi Swedkite, I am using LapseIt Pro on my android a lot for time-lapse, and its a very useful app, that has quite a range of options, such as interval frequency, and image size. I am not sure u can control the exposure very much, but I am sure its worth checking out. You can find it on the app store, or on
  • I use Camera FV-5. It gives you a bunch of control over the camera, including intervalometer. No accelerometer, but that's a good one to suggest to the author. (I'd never thought of that before! Cool idea!)

    But now I need to go check out Ned's app!

  • Thanks for good advices.
    So far, Camera FV-5 seems to be my favorite but I have not tried it up in the sky yet.
    I will probably spend a few dollars and try Lapse-It as well.

    Skycam was unfortenately a disappointment when it came to camera controls.

  • I've been working on an Android-based KAP system on and off for a couple years. I have the phone-based handheld controller working pretty well communicating to an embedded WiFi controller on the rig. Now I'm experimenting with replacing the KAP camera with a phone as well. I'm using the Samsung S4 Mini for my initial KAP phone but I plan to move to a phone with a better camera in the future.

    I think there is a lot of potential for a sensor-laden phone in a rig running a feature-rich OS and capable of running custom apps. In addition, I think the use of 3D-printed rigs with phone-based electronics could lower the barrier for people getting into KAP as it could change what are now very customized rigs into more standardized designs that are easier to build.
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