Deshaker for mac

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I persist in taking videos in stable winds hoping for a stable image. Alas. What software do you recommend to deshake with Mac?


  • I've been looking at hyperlapses this week and it seems that Adobe After Effects is the most popular stabiliser among those making these films. There is a basic stabiliser within iMovie but I didn't think it made much difference to my short test.
    Even in the most stable winds, I have never found my own KAP video to be watchable so I no longer try; especially with a smooth DJI Phantom 2 Zenmuse gimbal in operation.
  • Thank you, I have used the iMovie stabilizer, but as you mention it is not convincing. Too much cropping to come to any result, if at all. I will try the After effect of Adobe as you mention. I reluctantly considered the DJI Phantom, but i am more and more tempted. After all, while i thought KAP and Drones were not compatible, i start and believe they are complimentary.
  • Not available yet but this device could be a 'game changer'
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