New Cameras Announced with KAP potential - Sony A7R II, Sony RX100 IV, Leica Q, and Sony DSC-RX10 II

Bunch of new cameras announced today....all have KAP potential....these are not cheap...specs are impressive!

- Sony A7R II - 42 MP, back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, 4K video....625 g....bit of weight...but very fast...available in August for $3,200...

- Sony RX100 IV, next generation sensor, a stacked 20.1MP 1"-type Exmor RS CMOS sensor, 298 g - nice and light, 24-70mm equivalent F1.8-2.8 lens, $949

- Leica Q unveiled with 24MP full-frame sensor, fixed 28mm len, 640 g....bit of weight here too, super sharp images, $4,250

- Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II, stacked 20MP, Exmor RS CMOS sensor with 4K video, 813 g definitely on the chubby side, Anti-Distortion Shutter mode up to 1/32,000sec, $1,299.

I know a few KAPers who either lost their cameras recently or are looking to upgrade....the Sony A7R II looks sweet...but you most likely will also have to upgrade your computer to process the large raw files!



  • Bear in mind the knock-on effect of the now 'inferior' models which are still pretty awesome! I'm thinking specifically about the 36.4MP A7R Mk1 and the RX100 Mk3 compact. The A7R has compatibility with Canon and Nikon lenses.

  • I really want to start using the A7RII, but the lens choices are so poor still. I like to use a 24mm lens usually, sometimes wider and they just don't have any decent options right now. If I'm wrong please let me know.

    I am hoping the new NEX7 (a6100/a7000 whatever they call it) is a nice step up.
  • Evan, Agree I am interested the A6100 or what ever it will be called.

    As for lens choices for the A7RII, I recommend you review this link. Sony has opened up support for many major lens manufactures and most full frame lens can be used with simple addpaters. This includes lens auto focus control in many cases. I use the Sony A6000 and use both the Sony 20mm and Sigma 19mm lens. Both are very sharp.

    Agree that Sony needs to bring more of its own glass to the market.

  • The new NEXx/Axxxx will be interesting, but I don't know if I'm going to make the switch to it without some dramatic new improvement over the NEX7. So far it seems like it will have a 24mp sensor again, the fast AF is not really any interest to me so I don't know what else, other than it being lighter, will really interest me.

    I've had great results with the Sony 16mm, I know this is not everyone's opinion, but at smaller apertures its super sharp. That being said, I would love it if they made a high end 16mm. I've been considering picking up the 20mm, its just a little narrower than I usually like to shoot but could be a nice addition.

    As for a FF sensor, I like the extended DOF that I get from an APS sensor, but would like to capture a 42mp image of course. Even so, as long as I don't crop too much from the original I am consistently able to make 4'x8' prints from the 24mp files the NEX7 captures.
  • What about the A7S? Only 12MP but insane output.
  • The best third party wide-angle lenses for the Sony A7 are all retrofocus: they are built for mirror-housed cameras. The weight compared to the camera is ridiculous: a 24mm F 1.4 Nikon G lens with a Metabones adapter weighs roughly 800g. , almost twice as much as the A7 camerabody!
  • 42 Megapixels on the Sony A7R II? Wow.

    Then again, a 64 GIGAbyte memory card smaller than a postage stamp would have been SCIENCE FICTION just a few years ago. I have one of those in my new smartphone. And the phone can take up to a 120-something gigabyte memory card
  • edited April 2018
    I gave my Sony A7, plus lenses, to my son as I found it was just a little too heavy for general work, especially with very wide angle lenses.
    I have a Sony A6000, but I am more than happy with my Sony Nex 5s with 8mm and 12mm Samyangs, although the 12mm is not very good at the corners. I also have a Sigma 19mm lens which is indeed very sharp.

    For light work, I still like the Sony Z3 Compact Phone:


    Part of the above image:

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