Instructional Video - Kite Aerial Photography

The video provides an introduction to Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). See description below for details.

This was an impromptu, un-planned attempt to describe the basics of KAP. The sound track gets totally clobbered at several points due to extreme wind noise. Several important clips were excluded altogether due to wind noise.

The video was shot as part of an informal KAPnic (KAP with a picnic) at the Citadel of Montreail Sur Mer, France. (a side KAP trip as part of the larger Berck sur Mer kite festival).

Participants in the video included:
- Jose Wallos - France
- Emmanuel Colonnier - France
- Jean-Daniel Chantelauze - France
- Alban Vasse - Martinique (held the video camera (Hero3)
- Sue Story - England
- Wolfgang Bieck - Germany
- Jim Powers - USA

A write up of KAP at the Berck sur Mer kite festival can be found here:

Examples of Kite Aerial Photographs taken at the Citadel of Montreail sur Mer the day the video was shot can be found here:

A wealth of Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) can be found on the KAP Discussion Forum here!

Even more information can be found on the French KAP Forum:

A discussion on KAP safety can be found here:

Example of Kite Aerial Photographs can be found here on the flickr KAP Discussion Group.

My thanks to my fellow KAPers who participated in this fun unplanned video session in the middle of a group KAP outing!

My thanks to fellow KAPer Alban Vasse for holding the video camera (my Hero3).

Looking back at a few of these video shots I laugh at the comments we made and the informal demos we pulled together on the fly....a fun day!

I learned a lot from this informal video session....I may plan to do version 2.0 video as part of the upcoming KAPiCA in May.




  • Great effort Jim. Enjoyed seeing the KAP personalities.
  • Fantastic "souvenir" Jim. Thank you so much to be among these great kapers.

  • Thanks Andrew and Emmanuel for your comments.

    This was a fun project....even with the wind noise clobbering the sound tracks.

    I still laugh when I see this video and our KAP narratives ;-)

    Hoping to do KAP video 2.0 at KAPiCA 2016.....

    Keep flying!

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