Remedy for loose mini USB socket

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A recent KAP venture was marred by a cable failure between my AuRiCo controller and a Canon 470is. I use SDM to enable shutter activation through the mini USB port on the camera. I pinpointed the problem. It is a loose connection between the gentWIRE cable's male plug and the camera's female socket. I have cleaned the plug and the socket, but I still get inconsistent electrical connection as my rig tilts. Has anyone discovered a reliable remedy for this issue?


  • Hi,
    never directly experienced but in other similar conditions:
    be flexible (use an elastic approach - just a little rubber band that keeps the position and the side attitude)
    if wind shakes the wire and the plug the connection can get poor but if kept in place the contacts are keeping good attitude for the purpose

    SMAC from Italy
  • My auto KAP rig with Camremote controller has been bent out of shape countless times from checked bag on air flights....

    Several of the connectors have been bent or miss formed.

    Many of my KAP flights now have intermittent failures - no pan, or - no tilt, or no pictures. I use gorilla tape to hold a few wires in place....

    During auto KAP rig start up I sometime need to manually message the wires to get the connections active.....

    Hope this helps.


  • An update that may be of interest. I was able to replace the mini USB male plug on the gentWIRE with relatively little trouble. You will need a small sharp-pointed pencil soldering iron, the parts for a new USB male plug, careful insulation removal, and some heat shrink tubing (for a professional look!). Just make sure that red and black wires are soldered to the correct pins. My connection problem has been resolved.
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