Possible New KAP Camera: Sony RX0

Sony has announced a new small and light weight camera (only 110 Grams).

Exmor RS CMOS sensor with a 15.3 MP resolution.

See full write up here.




  • Looks handy!
  • Yes Please!!
  • So it looks like this could be a versitile KAP camera in terms of camera size/weight and the huge sensor size. 24mm is pretty good too. So I am wondering why there hasn't been much discussion on the KAP potential of the RX0.
  • Ker-ch$$$$$$ng!
  • Ok, that is what I thought. But isn't the image quality twice as good as the gopro? So the Ker-ch$$$$ng is easier to justify?
  • I have seen these second hand now...£100 below the starting price...I have one,hope to fly it soon,use it a lot as a pocket camera when not out with my main gear.
  • Looks good! but I could not find detailed reviews yet (image quality?). I'd like a free demo model :-)
    - f4 is not really great, but acceptable.
    - no Gentles-remote thingy yet
    - 700$ :-/
  • I have not seen any reviews either. I am still happy with my Sony A6000 and 20mm prime lens - very sharp.

  • edited August 2018
    For UK folk. It seems Sony have promotions on right now. Good discounts to be had on A6000 and RX100 mk3 after cashback.
    Check out the Wexphotovideo website.
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