Water/sand proof camera recommendations please

I am thinking of replacing my Pentax W90 waterproof camera and would like any recommendations for a new one.
I've seen a later version of it but wonder of there are any other suitable ones.
I would like one with an interval timer. The present one also can be triggered by a GentLER and I like to use it because the shooting can be turned on and off easily.

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  • Recommend:
    - Hero 6 - why good image and video quality - in camera gimbal like stablization plus lots of other tech - GPS....
    - Garmin Virb EX action cam
    - Pentax Optio WG-3 orange 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

  • SueSue
    edited December 2017
    Thanks WW
    I had a look at DPReview's comments and the Pentax WG3 doesn't come out well for quality
    "Like most of its rugged peers, photo quality isn't wondrous, though it's good enough for everyday use.

    So what makes the WG-3 not-so-hot? For one, fine details and low contrast areas of a photo are smudged or mottled, and underwater photos have a green/blue cast to them (all of this is common to underwater cameras). Low light focusing is very slow, and the built-in flash is very weak. The lens is easy to block with your fingers, and is also a magnet for fingerprints. To top it off, battery life is poor."
    Battery life quoted is 240 photos!!

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  • SueSue
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    I really would like to be able to choose the speed and like around 1/1000second for sharper photos. My W90 can only be altered by the ISO as far as I know which doesn't always give good results.

    I'll have a look at the other cameras on DPReview. There's no rush as I won't be on a beach for a while. 6° forecast this week in England.

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  • I had a look at the "Best waterproof cameras" review on DPR and it came up with Pentax WG4 as having shutter settings up to 1/4000 second. Great. I just need one to come up on eBay:-)

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  • Hi Sue,

    I have tried a maybe strange approach...

    a standard camera + a neutral or UV filter + a "sac a poche" closed at back with a large clamp

    for example use a RICOH GR, set the camera, start intervalometer, close the opening with clamp and fly (the click button works normally)

    the camera becomes sand and water proof (if you leave some air inside becomes also floating...)

    "sac a poche" should be in english something like icing bag - decorating pastry bag ; suggested in silicon rubber

    needs one opening with filter that suits the camera, one hole for the fixation screw (with a rubber washer - seal)

    it's intended for use in some few bad conditions but can give a solution cheap and easy

    SMAC from Italy
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    I have Just been offered one of these:


    Image quality and sensor size look good, 230g not too heavy either.

    Personally I avoid the wet stuff...


  • Thanks for your input folks.
    I have now bought a WG4 and found the 'TV' in 'modes' so I'm pleased about that. The W90 didn't have that facility and is now on eBay til Tuesday 20 February 2018
    I have yet to KAP with it.

    I'll keep you posted

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  • @Sue,

    very good, wish you good KAP with the RICOH WG4

    I have recently tried to check KAP chances with a FUJI XP70, another rugged construction waterproof but unfortunately the manual was not clear about MENU chances and WIFI capabilities; at the end of a short trial the understanding was that no interval built-in and that WIFI was only in order to discharge files, no chance of remote camera control

    SMAC from Italy
  • Sue, I know you found a solution but I will leave this here in case it's useful for someone - I made a simple 'action case' from a lunchbox and couple of 52mm filters. There's a series of pix and a brief explanation on one of the FB groups. Can post those here or in a new thread maybe.
  • Yes InTokyo. Start a new thread with photos and details. I'm sure someone will find your solution useful.

    I haven't flown the Ricoh/Pentax WG4 yet but it has good colour rendering on my holiday photos so I'm looking forward to KAPing with it

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