KAP in Venice/Italy --and some Carabinieries

Hello KAPers!
It happened to me on the way home from Fréjus kite festival (Au Gré du Vent). We stopped by Venice in order to break the drive to home (2*800 km).
So weather was wonderful, sun was shining and there was just about great wind for KAP on the St. Mark Square.
Since I was not alone but with fellow kiters (sightseeing separately) I was not sure if it is the right time to get my kite airborne. My wife told me to ask the policeman on the square if I'm allowed to fly my kite. I DID.
Their question was: "Is it a drone? -not? -no problem"
So I assembled my most reliable dopero kite (3*2 meters) on the corner. Prepared the camera on the ground also the transmitter.
(Takes like 6-8 minutes)
And the first breeze lifted my kite as usual....
When all of a sudden an other high rank policeman stepped next to me :) :)
You can figure by now I was in trouble!!!
My kite was only 10 meters away. He asked for my passport, I did get the kite back to the ground, put it back to the kitebag and would left BUT the Carabinieri (policeman) took me to the police station at St. Mark Square. He spoke good English, was polite and wanted to give me a fine for 2500 Euros for Drone flying.
I had to convince him that it is not a drone, also explained him and for an other (3rd) policeman that I've asked for first and only flew my kite than..
Anyway he really wanted to give me penalty: finally we agreed that 100 Euros is not 2500.
When I asked for translation he came with 2500 Euros penalty again.
When he wrote "it is dangerous"-in Italian I didn't want to sign it he started to push 2500 Euros again....
He also told me that I was unlucky because the Major of Venice was in the nearby area and they had to be really straight.
You can imagine.. we had a meeting in an hour to get home and I was discussing with a policeman that I was not doing anything illegal.
So I signed the paper and left...
At home I went to the Italian Embassy where they said not to pay-will be easy to erase my penalty- but did not happen unfortunately. The Embassy from Milan wrote me a letter where they explained to me that since I signed the paper I've admitted the "crime".
It means I'll have to pay for a foreign country's police bureau for almost KAPing.
Isn't it a shame :) :) ?
Take care you all, I hope that it is the last time I have problem like that.


  • Awful story. When we were in St. Marks Square we saw the carabinieri taking away an old woman for begging from the tourists. The square didn't look like a good place to fly a kite, much less a drone - too crowded in the season. I am glad they didn't put you in prison.
  • Hi komikite,

    really sad for your trouble

    in Italy in the superextrabig percentage of places it's no problem

    St Mark Square in Venice like any other top known worldwide places can be a problem, too much "center"....

    again sorry for this trouble

    SMAC from Italy
  • Dear @SMAC and @larrycole,
    My bank account is thinner by now the money arrived to Italy :)
    Worth a good story--no, maybe not.
    Smooth winds for you
  • Sounds like a classic WindWatcher story!
    I admire you for trying such a high profile KAP but I'm with the others in that the fun police are bound to show their 'powers' in this kind of place. You would probably be better off flying a drone from a distance away, maybe from a boat, to get your aerial photos!
    I think the sight of your Dopero over the grand old buildings would have looked brilliant.
  • @ Ningaloo
    I wanted to fly my dopero over the canal. I just realized that my launch point was: St. George the Dragon Slayer -s statue :) right on the corner.
    Dragon-Sárkány (Dragon in Hungarian) and kite is called paper dragon in Hungarian :) :) :) What a coincidence!

  • komikite,
    Thank you for sharing this experience of Kaping in Venice.
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