Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 to all my fellow KAPers.
I wish you good winds and lots of "keepers"

Fly High wherever you are



  • Happy New Year and smooth winds for you!

  • Yeah, what Sue and komiklite said!!!

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    l hope that 2018 gives us the opportunity to fly for fun and shoot for glory- where ever we are the view from not so high up is worth recording. Let the drones come and go (and go they do...so many 'been there done that' fliers now judging by the mountain of used drones on ebay).

    Friends of the kite are friends indeed. Let's enjoy our time in the sky- it's special.

  • Thanks,

    Happy New Year

    It wasn't a specific program but I started in a positive way sewing kites

    Wish you all the best possible for personal and family life

    SMAC from Italy
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    Records show we (in the UK) are experiencing the dullest winter for some time and the days of decent light are few so I had to be patient for my first KAP flight of the new year but an early start got me where I wanted to be with the sun and wind in the right quarter, the frost was a bonus:

    since my last visit the site as aquired some new residents:
    drones are banned here but the kite flies free!

    glad to get 2018 started!


  • Good stuff Bill!

    Keep the photos coming!

  • I wish too an Happy new year to all of our friends.
  • Belated whatever from me to you all. Been out of it for awhile family illness etc etc. Totally agree with you Bill on the D word, I can't wait to have a good kapping day.
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