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  • No firsthand experience with the Canon ELPH 190.....but looks like a good KAP old Canon G9 shooting CHDK is still one of my favorite KAP cameras....just a bit chubby!


  • Hey CG-
    As the owner of several Canon s95 and s 100's, I read your note with prejudice. So I took a quick look.
    The attached review is not so great but .... I think you might do well to consider an s100 from E-bay.
    True, there are many more pixels packed in to the Elph 190, but it becomes somewhat irrelevant,
    when you consider the sensor is so much smaller.

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    WW & Paul...Thank You Both for the replies!

    FWIW: A word of explanation about my post. I was away from home {and my computer}, in my truck, and using my p.o.s. notsosmartphone to post from. I was also in a bit of a rush typing that post. My notsosmartphone's battery was almost dead, and I had to get out of my truck to go somewhere {and leave the cell in my truck to recharge}. And I wanted to post my question BEFORE I forgot to do so. I am RATHER GOOD at forgetting to do things like that if I wait too long.

    Also, the Canon ELPH 190 is available at the Exchange at the Coast Guard Base where I work. Although I CAN order a camera online - that is how I got my A570IS - I prefer to purchase it in person IF possible. They have a few cameras available for sale, but right now the only Canon point & shoot they have is the 190....
  • How much do you want to spend?
    How much do you save ?
    Huge savings is HUGHS-less, if it's not really something you want, or need !
  • Thanks to everyone who posted here. Sorry I did not say this before now. I decided to give up on the ELPH 190. There just did not seem to be enough advantages to us it....
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