Video 'Post-Processing' Stabilization Software?

Okay, I DID do an online search of the forum FIRST before posting this. I searched for "stabilization", but all I found were references to in-camera tech.

A few minutes ago I was re-watching a KAV I shot at Bodie Lighthouse in the North Carolina Outer Banks back in 2009-ish. The vid is okay, but it has some shake to it. I DO NOT think I owned my "Mike Jones' KAP Feather" at the time I shot the vid. The wind was gusty that day, so even with a KAP Feather attached I suspect the video would still have some shake to it.

In the past, I have read about software available online that will stabilize video footage AFTER it has been shot. I am GUESSING that I read it here.

Can someone please either direct me to the thread here, or send me a link?

"Thank 'ya kindly...."


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