PTGui beta v11

The software engineers at PTGui have been working on a new update of this popular imaging program. What is interesting is that they are going to support some of the newer 360 cameras like the Gear 360, Xiaomi Mijia Sphere and the Yi 360 VR
I know you can already use the current version to stitch fisheye images but it requires some manipulation. I'm assuming by support they mean including camera details within the PTGui lens database etc.
As many of these new cameras seem only to have their own editing software in Windows, Mac users will be able to use PTGui for stills.

PTGui have a forum on Google Groups.
No date on final release as yet.

Cheers Pete


  • PTGui have released the v11 beta 4 which now has the support for the cameras mentioned above. Just done a quick photo on a pole. Not bad at all.

    100% @ 16.8mb

    95% @ 7mb

    And here is a web page using PTGui web page compiler.

    Saltersford Chapel, Rainow, East Cheshire.

    Very simple just load chosen image and PTGui recognises image, align and then create pano. You can of course still go to the advanced tab and play!!

    Cheers, Peter.
  • Thanks for the heads up on this. I've just gotten used to the current set up and they decide to give it a facelift!
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