Question for Our European KAPers - Anybody Know of This Blogger?

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Okay, I realize nobody will probably be able to help me with this. That said, does anyone know about the person behind this blog:

I know VERY LITTLE about amateur radio. However, for some years I have had a project in mind that would use some form of kite-based radio relay system. This blog is the first online webpage I have found that addresses it directly. However, the most recent post is from 2014. I checked this person's Twitter page, but the most recent entry there is from October of 2014.

{Whether anyone knows or not, Thanks in advance....}


  • Hi CGKiteman,

    this BLOG is Italian but unknown; most of other page configuration and places are from Poland

    I have tried to involve :
    a friend in Italy that deals with radios and kites
    a very good KAP & KITES friend in Poland

    if something positive gets out we will let you know

    SMAC from Italy
  • See private message

    SMAC from Italy
  • @smac - I got it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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