KAP website

Hello everyone!

I hope this will not be regarded as common spam (was looking for posting rules, didn't find them) ... here it goes:

KAP Jasa is proud to present our brand new kite aerial photography website!

All our adventures, mishaps, discoveries, stories and beauty from the air in one place, with info on KAP equipment, kite types, rigs and cameras, plus tips on how to do KAP science, and some links.

Every visit, critique, comment and suggestion is greatly appreciated


  • Congratulations Janez and Saša- a really well designed and interesting website!
  • O!

    Thank you :-)
  • A wonderful website - you two have achieved a great deal in both kite-making and KAP. You also live in a very interesting area, with lots of subjects for your cameras. Well done for sharing it all with the rest of the world!
  • Thanks! :-)
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