Italy - Spotorno kite festival - 30 kite club

just returned from Spotorno, weather conditions not so normal... 150 kiters from more than 50 clubs from Europe and special guests from Malaysia such as Leong Cee Wan, Danny Kiteman and the group of Nik Harif Hassam - Kelantan

wonderful occasion of meeting Komikite from Hungary that arrived after something like 23 hours of train and bus ; in wind conditions near Bft 2 and lower when just very few kiters were able of flying something Komikite with his modified 3 m Dopero and a RC KAP RIG was making pictures from the sky,...

I have seen no hidden mini rocket within the frame of his kite....

he is a very very nice person and was a real pleasure to meet him

thanks Komikite for being in Spotorno with us !

SMAC from Italy
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