Powered Paragliding Photography

Stumbled across this today and thought I would share.

This photographer prefers himself to be strapped to the kite, however, I imagine the same photos could be taken with a more conservative approach to KAP...


Some of his albums are breath-taking.
They definitely inspire me.


  • These are some of my favorite I found in his portfolio...

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    Inspiring indeed. Makes one ponder the special nature of the viewpoint. With the privilege of height we see pattern, texture and the mark of man. With the kite we record the privilege offered by wind and place alone....
  • They are, including the ones on the website, very inspiring and awesome pictures. It is also interesting to note that the author also favours a photographic height of between 100 and 500 feet. A view point long held by many on this KAP group.
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    Agreed - wonderful shots, but taken at heights that are illegal for manned aircraft in the UK.
  • @Dave - PPG aren't "manned aircraft" ;) They have significantly looser rules in most countries.
  • FWLIW: I wonder how much 'paperwork' Mr. Steinmetz had to go through - if any - to fly his powered paraglider around Miami.

    I lived in Dade County {where Miami is located} from 1988 to 1995, and I know that there is a lot of air traffic into and out of that part of Florida.
  • @hawkeye - In case you were not just jesting, why are PPG not considered manned aircraft?
  • @CGKiteman

    (at least in the usa) They're considered an "ultralight vehicle" under FAR 103.

    They don't require any licensing or permits of any kind. You can even fly one as a minor. Though, it is recommended to ask permission from privately owned airport managers before takeoff/landing on their property.

    You can't fly low over any populated areas so you can fly up and down beaches all day but you shouldn't fly over a resort unless you're sufficiently high above it.

    You can go anywhere you want as long as it's class G/E airspace. This is pretty much anywhere that isn't near a big airport and is under 800-1500'. This is a cool map for seeing where you can/cannot go. Takes a while to learn how to read it though. ;) https://skyvector.com/
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    Okay, I should have clarified what I meant. I was using 'my own' definition of "manned" simply being that at least one person is in or on the aircraft inflight. As compared to an aircraft like the "Global Hawk", which is unmanned.

    I wasn't referring to an aircraft being classified as an "ultralight" {FAR Part 103} or "experimental category" in the USA.

    FWLIW: I've been around ultralights. And homebuilts. And whatever Pipers & Cessnas are called. {I CAN'T remember the damn name! POSSIBLY because it's ALMOST 1:00 AM here, and I'm exhausted....}

    I've worked in aviation - mostly maintenance or ground support - since 1979. I WAS a student pilot - soloed in 1979 - but didn't stick with it. {Yeah, dumb....}
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    I hope you like it :)
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