KAP & photogrammetry

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Historic England have just published guidance on recording historic buildings, landscapes and artefacts by photogrammetry.

'Photogrammetric Applications for Cultural Heritage: Guidance for Good Practice'

KAP is covered on p61 ( the example shown was flown with an Olympus EP1 hung off an ff30) and the pdf version has a link to SNAPS.


Some really nice KAP frames were captured for the project but didn't get published:



The project was significant in that it required a detailed risk assessment, one of the first of its kind for KAP in the UK:


It's well worth a look a and a very good introduction to what you can do with AGISoft Photoscan.



  • Like it. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  • Wow! Excellent! :-)
  • beautiful! thanks for the link
  • Thanks for this Bill.
    I have brought our link a little bit more up to date.
  • Bill, thanks for sharing the photogrammetry document! Really great info and well written!
    I wish the photogrammetry sw was cheaper, though...
    So far i had no luck with open source software.
  • Thanks,

    very interesting documents

    the KAP risk assessment chart by WW is also quite well focusing the attention on critical conditions

    many thanks again

    SMAC from Italy
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