Kevlar Kite Line for KAP?

I just came across these two webpages from the KAPshop website.

WHITE KEVLAR:,-100-m)/product_info.html

BLACK KEVLAR:,-220-m)/product_info.html

Both webpages mention these being fine for KAP.

I have long been under the impression that Kevlar was too abrasive to be used safely, other than 'sheathed'[?] in short sections for stunt kite flying.

Am I "way behind the times" as usual on this subject? {Thanks in advance!}


  • Wow, it's very thin. You'd want gloves for sure for big kites...
  • @hawkeye - Agreed. I remember years ago reading that Kevlar would cut through other kite lines, cut through YOUR SKIN, and even CUT THROUGH ITSELF....
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    ALSO, I just remembered that "Dyneema" and "Spider Line" {which may be the same thing or not, I don't remember} were supposed to have similar strength-to-weight/thickness properties as Kevlar, WITHOUT the problem of being abrasive....
  • KEVLAR line is good only if you are alone and far away from any other human being.... OK it's very light - slim and if you want to fly 500 meters from ground is TOP...

    but very abrasive, bad for the hands and gloves, just compatible with stratospool or similar

    in many kite festival is mentioned as FORBIDDEN - danger !

    I'm quite happy with Dacron; Dyneema can be a good choice

    SMAC from Italy
  • @smac - Roger all that - Thanks!
  • I have gone to flying Dyneema for kite line.

    - very light
    - very strong
    - very thin - very little wind resistance
    - compact on Stratospool
    - abrasion resistant
    - drone resistant - close call over South Beach Miami earlier in the week....

    - very thin and hard to hold without special (rubberized) gloves or .... a Stratospool.


  • @WindWatcher

    Roger all that - Thank You!

    S. Miami Beach? Sort-of my old stomping grounds, 1988-1995.

    Oh, do YOU use STRATOSPOOLS?

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