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Okay, this is NOT really from a News source, but from the forum on the website DPreview.com:


There is a particular post in this thread by user "ProfHankD". Here is the post header:

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GnarlydogOZ wrote:

THIS LINE from the Prof's post caught my eye:

Although you rarely hear people talk about it, this is one of the better uses of a drone (or, in older days, kite aerial photography -- KAP).

{Underline added by me.}

YES YES YES, I {Allan/CGKiteman} KNOW this is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. But I had to post it anyway. 'Nuff said....


  • It's not what you use, it's how you use it.

    That said: the easiness of drones brings a devaluation to the aerial image. Every (low budget) documentary uses drone imagery in it's intermissions.

    I was watching a documentary on Iran the other day in wich they explained the lack of drone imagery: It was simply forbidden in Iran. They started the documentary by handing over a drone to the responsible Iranian authorities ...
  • Here in Central Oregon, Smith Rock State Park is an international destination for rock climbers. It's been used in a number of movies, including Rooster Cogburn. I fly my kite out there, conditions permitting, even had the local paper shoot me for an article about KAP there. No drones allowed. Once had a park employee check to make sure I wasn't using an RC rig because he said it interfered with the rangers' radios. Same thing in Oregon's coastal state parks - kites are fine, leave your drone in the car.
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    @Gerco... My ex-wife kept saying that first line to me when we were married...LOL

    @larrycole... No drones allowed? Another WIN for KAP!

    {EDIT: YES, I was KIDDING when I typed that "No drones allowed?" line...LOL}

    I am NOT an expert on radio frequencies and such. That said, I was NOT aware that there were two-way radios used the same frequencies as commercially made R/C aircraft transmitters.
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    Yeah, I don't buy the radio interference thing either. The national park of Crater Lake is a few hours south of me here in Oregon. I haven't had the kite there yet (very short season when it's open) but they're having a different problem these days: thedrive.com/tech/20232/park-officials-face-increased-illegal-drone-use-at-crater-lake
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    I KNOW - or at least THINK - he is NOT doing so, but WHY does the Park Ranger shown in the banner[?] photo on the web page you linked look like he has his right hand on the holster of his service weapon?
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