KAP on film

Call me crazy but I'm considering doing some KAP on 35mm film. Though not anytime soon. Only after Ive had sufficient practise using old, second hand digital point and shoot cameras from kites. The reason I'm considering that rather ancient option is to make use of the dynamic range (using negative film.) The only time Ive previously done aerial photography was with a GoPro camera and I wasn't overly impressed with the results. For one thing, the camera was shooting on auto exposure which didn't help (no choice in the matter really.) And bright areas in the landscape below were blown out. Not a nice look.

Ive got a few old, manual Canon 35mm SLRs which I used to use years ago on a regular basis. One of them is a Canon T70 which advances the film automatically. Obviously, I wouldn't use an intervalometer with it for KAP as that would chew up film in no time. Would there be any way of firing such a camera remotely? I'd probably have to shoot a whole roll of film on one subject / location, firing shots from different positions.


  • hi dragonblade,

    return to the past... I started with film camera, an Olympus Miu'

    the only chance I know is to use a servo that is pushing the button

    and so RC control

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thankyou SMAC. I'll look into servos.
  • T70 has an electronic 3pin cable release; Canon made an infra-red release set possibly an ML3 but the range is quite poor maybe only 20m? from memory. A lot of higher end film slrs had accessory databacks which could be programmed with intervalometer but you dont want that, right?
  • Nikon had a radio release set - up to 1/4 mile - but these are pretty expensive being collectors' items. I think anything with an electronic release port is a good starting point. Nikon made something that fitted their camera electronic release port, and terminated in two banana plugs, saving you some trouble I guess.
  • If your Canon has IR shutter release, check out James Gentle's site - Gentles Ltd. I am quite sure you will find
    several options there.

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    Olympus Miu was a must for taking aerial picture , i used it for several years and it was always very good quality pictures.
    If we use it today, it is better to have a video camera to improve the results and to share the photographic film !
    A counter can be used to know how much pictures we have done !
    My favourite film is the Fuji 200 asa .
  • If you take the plunge, why not use 120/220 film instead? I have a Fuji GA wide for sale, comes with a James Gentle's shutter release
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