WWKW 2018 ( 26 May - 03 June 2018 )

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Hi Everyone!

"Can we have a World Wide KAP week this year??"

I asked the same question last year at arround this period, I always look forward to have this yearly event since I start to do KAP.

Hope that everyone can throw in some new idea to make this yearly event more fun & meaningful.

Good wind,

Erich Chew


  • Agree - lets do WWKW 2018.

    Perhaps with a twist....highest and lowest KAP shots....

    Keep the ideas flowing!

  • I like the idea of having a theme or two, rather than just having a generic week to take photos.

    Low KAP (because it is more responsible than flying too high!)
    Family/friends gathering
    Local landmark
    Photos by fixed rigs only

    What do we all think?
  • Fixed rig - no pan, no tilt ?
    Or Wind Watcher Jim getting his rig back in the sky after a story-full outing ?
  • I like the suggestion of Ningaloo. A special theme or two is a special challenge.

  • Great. These themes inspire me a lot all the time!
    My idea would be: rhythm.

    Smooth winds for you all

    (When is it scheduled?)
  • I don't think we should be too clever with theme choices. I would be stuck with rhythm. I'd want to find a set of drums in a field - unlikely!

    Paul C - fixed as in you have to choose your angle before sending the camera up, whether it be straight down, in landscape type orientation or otherwise. I think going back to basics makes us all think about our targets more carefully rather than relying on something like AutoKAP to shoot everything for us.
  • I agree with the back to basic idea. My favorite and smallest rig is pan only.

    I was being tongue-in-cheek about it being one of Jim's rigs....

    Sometimes with my 10 sec SDM interval approach, I feel guilt of "machine-gun shutter firing ".

    I have nothing but the greatest respect for people like Simon who would use an ice cube to trigger
    one shot on film, bring it down for another cube and advance the film...
  • My most basic "rig"!


    Allowed me to get super close to other kites:

  • Rhythm -like patterns on fields or so - :)
  • Ahh, I'm with you now!

    Dates.... End of this month? 26 May to 03 June. That covers 2 weekends. Do we need to wait any longer? :-)

  • 1. Date : 26 May - 03 June 2018
    2. Theme : Rhythm
    3. KAP Method : Basic / As simple as possible!

    How about Photo upload page? should we just simply upload to WWKW flickr page?
  • Hey Erich. We could use the existing Flickr page I guess. Make it easy for ourselves.
  • Is it FIXed? I'd like to announce it on the Kite Aerial Hungary site so new KAPers could join this event... Thanks for your response in advance
  • How about "patterns" or "straight down / nadir" or I like "local landmarks" though as I'm on holiday in France my "local" subject would not be at home!

    Dates OK by me

    Fly High

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    Yes, confirmed
    Date : 26 May - 03 June 2018

    Flickr URL for photos upload : https://www.flickr.com/groups/wwkapweekend/ (Edited)
  • It starts TOMORROW, smooth winds -beautiful lights and enough spare time for everyone. WWKW 2018 :) Let's KAP
  • Yesterday, I manged to a have a KAP session after 2 days of raining.

    However, I almost lost my 10.5 ft Rok and my auto RIG, and 360 Camera.......

  • how do we know this week is WWKW2018?

    there is zero wind here since friday ... :-)
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    Every year arround this period, someone will initial a start for this WWKW, and someone will suggest a date..... and when members here agree, we will fix that date.

    Hopefully, next year you will be the one who initial and fix the date for WWKW2019 :-)

    I believe that this WWKW is like a gethering, and share out KAP photos. Dates and times, is just a guide..... if you are facing weather, work schedule or other issue, you can always give your self another weekend to bring your kite and camera out for a KAP session and share with us your photo & Stories.

    Good wind,

    Erich Chew
  • Abundant rain and sparse wind limited World Wide KAP Week flight opportunities in 2018.

    I did get a brief and unexpected 45 minute period between rain storms with a splash of sun and 5-10 mph winds....just enough lift from my BKT 8' Rokkaku to lift my dual camera auto KAP rig into the sky above Wind Watcher proving grounds. The KAP rig never got more than 100 feet off the ground.....not use to flying so low.

    Given the short period of time between the rain storms I decided to do a quick display of my travel KAP kites (ones that I take on airplanes).

    The KAP rig floated back to the ground several times during lulls in the wind including a few soft touch downs on top of my kites!

    Pictured in the shots below are the four kites that I travel with:
    - 10' BKT Rokkaku - used with wind in the 5-10 mph range
    - 9" BKT Dopero - used with wind in the 10-20 mph range
    - 9' Into the Wind Levitation Light delta kite fitted with Mike LeDuc's dynamic spreader - used in 10-30 mph range
    - 3' Stow Away delta with a very long 50' tale - used in winds between 30 - 75+ mph

    WWKW 2018 - Wind Watcher Proving Grounds - Kites that Travel

    WWKW 2018 - Wind Watcher Proving Grounds - Kites that Travel

    A few additional pictures are included showing the KAP rig, and the travel kites (4) packed up into their individual kite bags which fits into the larger red/blue bag on the left side of the photo. This is the carry bag that I place in the overhead compartment during air travel.

    Additional WWKW 2018 photos taken during this brief KAP session can be found in this flickr album.

    Enjoy the photos.

    Wind Watcher KAP Gear
    Wind Watcher KAP Gear
    Wind Watcher KAP Gear
  • Did you crash land your rig again, Jim? Or does it always look like that?

    I'm on the board! Took up until the last until the last day of KAP Week to do it though. And it almost didn't happen.

    The last day of WWKW fell on the first day of my drive up the West Coast, so that was to be my day.

    I've been wanting shots of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, near San Simeon, but access to the lighthouse is extremely limited. You can stand on the Pacific Coast Highway and look at it from almost a mile away. Last year, I discovered a newly built trail that traverses the coastal bluffs inside the lighthouse fence. From the Elephant Seal viewing area parking lot it's a beautiful half-hour walk to the historic lighthouse gate, within 200 yards of the lighthouse. Close enough for KAP work.

    My appointed day came with a forecast of clear skies and breezy conditions, but when I got to the lighthouse in the afternoon it was foggy with calm winds. Rats! After about an hour, the breeze came up a bit - enough for my trusty 9' Levitation Light to lift the rig a few feet above the ground. Not enough altitude for lighthouse shots, but just enough to get a few shots of some of patches of California Poppies, which grow like weeds here. I was thinking maybe I should have brought the Dopero with me, but it was 3km away, where I parked.

    After snapping a few shots looking straight down on the poppies, or so I thought, my Ricoh GR had zero photos on the card. Rats! again.

    That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because after I ran down my problem - I had plugged the GentWire into the wrong socket - the breeze came up as forecasted and the fog thinned such that I could see the lighthouse. Happy day! Then I went back and got the poppy shots I started with. I didn't want to leave any unfinished business out there.

    I tend to get pretty lucky during WWKW. This was my tenth year (I still have the shirt from '09) and I haven't been skunked yet!
  • Just one KAP outing for me. It was nearly 2, but as I was about to launch a kite over a small vineyard (by Lac Leman in Switzerland), I discovered that a small airstrip was about 300 metres away from me as a light aircraft took off and pulled a couple of aggressive turns. I packed up and moved on towards my hotel.
  • Chaz, My KAP rigs always looked beat up ..... extreme kite flying combined with bouncing around in a check bag on airplanes .... take a toll on my equipment. At least the Sony A6000 is new....replacement for my Sony A6000 that got dumped into Boston harbor....

    Glad you had success during WWKW 2018. Post so of your shots here.

  • Great work all, ihad the extreme pleasure to do 3 super slack line sessions in a relative winf of 3 knots cruising at 8 knots upstream in a 5 knots river on the Napo River in Ecuador
    Best slack line session I ever experienced, a pure joy...
    Some samples on flickr here https://www.flickr.com/photos/tahitipix/sets/72157697190853934
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    Touch and go for me, at the very end of the week as dusk fell...3 kites in I finally got lift...in 2mph...image

  • I can’t believe I forgot about WWKW 2018, it’s been a hectic year I have only KAP four times this year and have only been successful twice. There is always next year.
  • I didn't forget, but circumstances were against me. A few days later I was in Bergen, Norway for a few days, but the weather was against me there too. However yesterday I managed to capture some photos of a local summer fête:
  • Dave, isn't it a bit late in the year for maypole dancing? I remember we used to do that at our old primary school about seven decades ago!
  • Jim, you're right about what happened at our Primary School back in the late 1940's and early 1950's, but according to this some countries do it on MidSummer's Day (which here in the UK is today, the day after the fête).
  • Interesting, Dave. I guess that should be called "midsummer-pole dancing", but in either case it's far removed from what most people think of if you refer to pole-dancing these days!
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