Disappearing lake revisited - our best KAP sesssion ever :-)

Lake Cerknica is an intermittent karstic lake that can cover up to 28 square km in the early spring and then completely dissapear in the summer. It is an exceptional and fragile ecosystem, a Ramsar and Natura 2000 site, and a protected landscape park.

This KAP session was one of the most productive we ever had, and we are really proud of the photos :-)

Please visit our KAP website for more kite aerial views of this natural gem.





  • VERY nice KAP indeed !

    SMAC from Italy
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    FWLIW: I am NOT an 'expert' on ecosystems. That said, I was always under the impression that in any place where a large body of water like this COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED from year to year would be very arid.

    This area stays quite green even when the lake is completely gone....
  • :-)

    it's actually completely normal central european subalpine climate ... rains in the spring and autumn, rather dry in the summer. the inflow from the hills and karstic springs varies with the season, and the outflow (through sinkholes and caves) is fixed - when the inflow overwhelmes the outflow (autumn-spring) the lake forms, and when the inflow drops (summer), the lake disappears ... not unlike your kitchen sink when you play with the faucets, opening them fully and then closing ;-)

    more on Lake Cerknica.
  • the area is green because the waters are never really gone; the groundwater is close to the surface and the bottom of the (former) lake is a large wetlands.
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