Stratospool Factory

Experimenting with a few refinements for my Stratospool designs.....

- Two light weight designs for Dyneema kite lines only
- Smaller Stratospool designed specifically for Dacron / PE kite line.
- Strengthen areas based on past failures
- Stainless parts - salt water safe


Stratospool factory

Stratospool factory

Stratospool factory


  • Good work, Jim! Is it raining where you live? ;-)
    Please continue the photo series with all steps...

    Cheers, Hans.
  • Nice. I suggest either putting some washers under those screws or using twice as many of them.
  • The screws are actually bolts. The combination of the 6 bolts (with t-nuts) with strong exterior wood glue provide the overall strength for the Stratospool reel.....very strong. Work continues with the construction. Three new stratospools should be complete in a week or so. See updated photo showing progress below.


    WW Stratospools under construction.
  • Looking good! :-)
  • Three new stratospools have spun kites high into the skies above the Wind Watcher proving grounds.

    - Stratospool 1 is dedicated to Dacron / polyester kite line with a smaller core to accommodate the thicker kite line.

    - Stratospool 2 is designed to support both Dacron and Dyneema kite line

    - Stratospool 3 is designed to support just Dyneema kite line and is the lightest stratospool I have made to date.

    Changes include a move to all stainless steel hardware for use in salt water / ocean environments. Stratospool 3 has the thinnest "slip plate" and is restricted to Dyneema kite line. The no stretch Dyneema kite line places less stress on the reels and thus a thinner slip plate. The Stratospool bars for these build were also strengthen with stainless steel corner braces.

    Each Stratospool is loaded with 500 meters of kite line.

    All have been fully tested with kite flights letting out all the string to confirm strength and tighten the tension on the reel during recovery.

    A few photos of the completed stratospools are shown below and more in this flickr album.


    Stratospool Build 2018
    Stratospool Build 2018
    Stratospool Build 2018
    Stratospool Build 2018
  • You are ready for taking new aerial pictures.
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