A shot at KAP popularization ...

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Just published an article about KAP on Medium ... yes, it is a blatant self-promotion, but I nevertheless tried to write in a way to inspire new KAP-ers to get a kite flying and suspend a camera from it.

I would surely appreciate every suggestion and ideas how to make the article better / more appealing / more effective ... there is a little "edit" button that I am very willing to use. ;-)



  • 404 error :-(
  • It seems to be here
  • oh, I'm so sorry :-( ... the error is corrected, the link works now.
  • Brilliant! A very enjoyable read, and a great encouragement to anyone wanting to dip his or her toes in the water of KAP. I shall return and follow more of the links (or do so on your website) as you make everything so interesting with the accompanying stories to the wonderful photos. Well done!
  • wow. thank you! :-)

    i really appreciate this. i believe that KAP - or, even more, KAScience - has a great future; with kites - and drones! - there is such a fantastic opportunity of seeing (and describing) our environment in a different way.

    KAP is a fascinating and exciting entry point into getting those new, unexpected, and ultimately so rewarding views of the world around us ... :-)
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