GoPro Fusion - New KAP Camera


Who needs tilt and pan for KAP.

This camera shoots 360 degree 5K stabilized video.

You can frame the shots post in post processing.

Same for stills.

Just stick the camera at the end of your pendulum mount.

See review here:



  • I still don't think that any of the current crop of 360 cameras have enough pixel power to give a satisfactory result.

    In respect of GoPro itself, this camera could be the nail in the company's coffin if it doesn't sell. GoPro needs to review its pricing all around or die. 4 years ago the share price peaked around USD87 - now it is about USD6. I think that reflects the lack of innovation over that time.

    Just my opinion. There's another 7.5 billion opinions out there!
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    honestly i dont have much interest in 360 stuff. i can look at one 360 image for a minute then im bored but thats just me. i have got 2 gopros. so i have done my bit to make gopro profitable enough. the new 7 has pretty good image stabilization from the reviews maybe even awesome stabilization. but i won't be getting one. for a tiny little waterproof box it does 4k footage and has raw images as well . you'd have to be pretty cynical to not be impressed or have your head buried in the sand perhaps. at the moment you can trade an old digital camera in and save a hundred dollars of the price of a new gopro 7 silver if you are in america. i'll be honest i'm not a fan of the ultra wide look but you can do quite a lot with these little cameras. mine occasionally gets sent above attached to a kite to take some photo's wouldn't be so keen to try that with a dslr not to mention they are an action camera, without the gopro youtube would be a much more boring place lol. unless they up the bit rate and increase the sensor in the next one or do something really interesting like interchangeable lenses, like a super wide, wide or normal lens as i'm not a fan or the internal crop. my lifestyle is changing slowly so the action camera side is slowly going the way of the dinosaur you might say
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