Only Kites and Horses

Some shots from a nice KAP session around the village of Velike Bloke on the Bloke karst plateau in the heart of Slovenia - horses, bridges, houses and rivers :-)




  • A pleasant landscape nicely captured.
  • Thanks! :-)
  • Cool pictures. The cameras seems pretty high. How high was it?
  • Thanks! :-)

    Well, the kite line used is 400 m long, so the altitude was, let's say, about 200 - maybe 250 m ...
  • @KAP_Jasa - Did the horses react to the presence of your kite or KAP rig? Or did they even notice them at all?
  • That's a good question CG - here in the UK horses seem frightened of kites - perhaps thinking them birds of prey. I've been told not to fly over a field containing horses more than once.
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    We launched the kite some 500 m away from them, and they were kinda curious ... then the kite flew more than 200 m above them and they didn't seem to notice/be bothered by it. :-)

    And to be honest - we didn't even think the kite might spook them. If that happened, we'd move away. Now we shall refrain from flying near horses - the more you know ...
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    @KAP_Jasa {and @DaveMitchell} - FWLIW, here is the reason I asked about the horses: I lived in Dade County, Florida from 1988 to 1995. While there, I wanted to try KAPing at a park in Broward County, Florida. I do not remember the name of the park, but a place called "BUTTERFLY WORLD" is - or was - located there. There were also miniature 'live-steam' train tracks there, and horse stables at this park.

    I asked someone, and was told that kite flying WAS NOT allowed at this park due to the risk of the horses being spooked by kites. So I just gave up trying to KAP there.
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    Agreed, horses don't like kites but if launched remotely and walked in at height they are unawre of them.


    Sadly horse people may not understand the difference between aproaches- the bird people don't either.
  • Great photo, Bill! :-)
  • @Blakebill91 - I myself have noticed that ignorance on the part of non-KAPers....
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