Old school kite in a hi-tech world

Hi all!

Here is a short article on Medium about subtle differences using an old-school kite or an uber-tech drone for aerial photography.

With some KAP, of course :-)



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    @KAP_Jasa wrote...
    "Progress — in its incessant need for speed..."

    FWLIW: As far as the "speed" bit goes, may I humbly mention the Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft. A design created in the early 1950's and STILL in production as of 2018 {in an upgraded version}.

    {In other words, I AGREE WITH YOU.}

    'Nuff said....
  • BTW, GREAT pics on the linked page!
  • Thanks! :-)
  • Lovely shots Saša, I have reposted to my Facebook pages ;o)
  • Thank you, John! :-)
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