In Search of a Sense of Scale

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For those that happen to be around: In Search for a Sense of Scale is my presentation at Cokkie Snoei Gallery in Rotterdam. Opening is on September 9 at 17:00. The exhibition is on view until October 6 2018

In Search of a Sense of Scale


  • These are kite aerial photos? Spectacular! Congratulations! :-)
  • Thanks Saša, no they are not all kite aerial photo's: I did use Google Earth imagery for Grid Corrections and Cropped and fishing poles for Almost Nature and Tags.
    I have started KAPing in the late 1980's using disposable cameras and until now never used a drone.

  • It's great ... :-)
  • An item about my work and the exhibition on Dutch Rotterdam TV: MOOIS tv

    Scroll to 05:12
  • We visited yesterday. Coincidentally Gerco was present and was kind enough to spend some time answering our questions. Outstanding work (as usual from him) and beautifully presented. Check the gallery website before you go as it is not open every day.
  • Hi Tony, yes a lucky coincidence meeting you in the gallery. It was nice talking to you (again!)
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