Really smooth KAV

A friend in Scotland specialises in KAV rather than KAP, and he is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of his gear. The latest development produces amazingly smooth and stable video, and the rig is fully controllable. His first flight with it is here and is definitely worth a look!


  • Very smooth indeed Jim. I note that the gimbal is for GoPro and variants - they do a bigger version for DLSR's - weighs a kilogram, but surprisingly cheap at around £200.
  • wow. extremely smooth for such a bumpy ride! :-)
  • looks good Jim, I hope I can do as well with my Xiaomi Yi 4K gimbal rig when I the weather improves and I can get airborne.
  • Dave, I hadn't noticed that bigger version, but as you say the price is very reasonable for something that size. I'd guess that it would be very worthwhile especially for anyone using KAV for scientific or other professional purposes.
  • Cool and impressive!
    Dave, what's the name of the larger one?
  • See here for info about their larger gimbals.
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