KAV? BAV? Aerial video from my new kite balloon

I've been working on a new kite balloon I call Airpup. I wanted to be able to fill with a 40 cimageubic meter tank or less, so I can backpack with the setup.




I've been having good luck doing low-altitude towing by hand and by bike in calm winds (less than 7mph). I have also tested the balloon in a 24mph wind.

Footage from the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival has come out the best:


Walking video in low winds:


Towing by bike lets me test stability and simulate higher winds. When I'm driving at just the right off angle in the same direction as the wind, I get a little wobble:


I've also launched a crowdfunding campaign for both buying and renting Airpup.


  • I've been using a Feiyu SPG cell phone gimbal with my Galaxy S7. I can't really control it from the ground, but I was hoping the object tracking would work better than it does. I've been just setting it at a fixed angle for flights.

    I'm weighing my options between buying a DJI Osmo+ or a full-on FPV rig & camera.
  • The Airpup looks like an interesting idea. I like the Lincoln City Fall Festival video with it just mooching around among the kites.
    Well done.

    Fly High

  • Thanks Sue!
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