Register of Applied Kite Aerial Photographers Going Worldwide

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Do you use a kite, possibly along with other aerial platforms, to do applied aerial photography in archaeology, architecture, ecology, mapping etc?
We will be adding a list of KAPers worldwide to our register.
The format will be:
Name, Affiliation (if any), Specific KAP interest, Link(s) to your KAP images, Contact details, if not in the link, and Location.
One photo (200 pixels wide) can be included

Unlike the previous UK & Ireland entries, we are keeping the details concise, consistent and easily readable on a phone. Links to a more detailed biography elsewhere can be included.

John Wells


  • Count me in!

  • Eventually, I will be deleting the original listing:
    So, if you are on the original listing, let me know if you want tranferring across.
  • Hi John,
    How do we get on that list?
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    Hi YvonH

    Just send me the details you want included - john(at)

    I aim to fit all text within a frame including a 200 pixel wide image as can be seen in the link.
    'Application' can simply be listed as varied, fun, business, archaeology, education, community engagement, heritage, landscape, architecture etc or as a combination of these. Alternatively, do not add an interest.
    The work of many on this forum can be classed as fine art. One of my all time favourite images is where art and application fuse in a Roman Furnace by Opaxir.

    I have always been keen to get academics to openly admit to using kites, especially in the UK. Archaeologist, Professor Barri Jones, introduced many students to KAP in the UK around the 1970s.

    There was a programme on UK TV recently which highlighted how the dry weather had revealed parch marks (grass drying out above archaeological residues 1, 2). Most aerial platforms for aerial photography were mentioned, including balloons by one of Barri's former students. No mention was made of kites, which, as we all know, are an ideal aerial research platform as they can readily lift anything of any weight or format.

    Kites are now being seen as an alternative platform where drones are banned.
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    Please note that if you are featured on our original list of KAPers
    this page will be deleted soon.
    So, do let me know that it is OK to tranfer your entry, or a new one, onto the register.

    The register includes both kite aerial remote sensing specialists and those who use kites in parallel with other aerial platforms. Experienced, generalist kite aerial photographers, members of SNAPS and those who have contributed to KAP technology will also be included.
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