Hello and a question concerning the Arab Emirates

Hello everyone, thanks for allowing me to the forum. I live in Germany and have been KAPing here for some years now, mostly during my holidays in the Baltic States (I also have family there), and I also have enjoyed reading this forum for quite a while.

Now my question: I will visit the Arabian Emirates Dubai and (mostly) Abu Dhabi in early November for a few days for work. I have read about their restrictive laws concerning drones, but I could not find any information about kites and KAP. As it seems, kite surfing is common at the beaches, so flying a single line-kite should not be a problem at the beach, too. I also saw some KAVs that a kite club took out in the desert. However, my information is generally very vague, so I am asking for your experiences and knowledge with KAP in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Who has been there, who knows something?


  • Go for it. Fly high... Ask questions latter ;-)

  • edited October 2018
    I don't know if they have WiFi at the prison, that's why I am asking beforehand ;-)
  • Hi Baltickap, in 2010 I have been kaping in the UAE and had only one problem with security while taking this picture
    Seemed I was too close to a high-tec building where they had spotted my kite. They wanted to see the pictures but I was using an anologue camera ;-) left them totally confused....

    Stay out of trouble by kaping public and desert areas , contact farmers if necessary and enjoy the weather!
  • Gerco, thanks for sharing your experience! (And your picture gallery is great, too!)
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