Dawn of Civilization - as seen from a kite

Hello everyone!

We flew our kite above a most intriguing archaeological site - 6.000 years old pile dwellings in Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia, part of UNESCO World Heritage.

You can read more about the fascinating finds and the life on the lake thousands of years ago on our KAP website :-)



  • Good Morning !
    Sorry I don't yet know your name, but your work is a welcome addition to this site !
    I took the link to your site. The story is fascinating; I hope to share it with others.
    For some reason though, the photos did not open.
    Is there something I should be doing ?
    Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you, Paul! :-)

    KAP Jasa is a team of two, Janez and Saša ... Janez sews kites, is the chief pilot and a photoshop master, while Saša - that would be me - is a co-pilot, location scout and chief information officer ... ;-)

    The photos should open; unfortunately we are still hosting our website at wix, and bandwidth contiunues to be a problem for many ...
  • @KAP_Jasa >>> Everytime I read "Dawn of Civilization", I think "DAWN OF MAN".

    {Yeah, I have watched 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY more than once...LOL}
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