Flickr sets 1000 pics limit

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Thank gød I did not start dumping my valuable photos into Flickr, but used Google Photos instead with 260 thousand pics.

Flickr has "conveniently" hidden the statistics, but last time I saw my number it was 1450. Quite easy then to prune duplicates and shit pics off as they will delete older and more valuable photos first. Correction: The number is visible on computer screen but not on the phone. I have 1339 now after some pruning.

The original 300 photo limit was actually quite ok. If I had some bigger collection to show, I just used one Flickr pic to advertise Google Photo Album.


  • Having had a Flickr Pro account for many years at $25 per year, I have felt satisfied. My current level of photographic activity is low so I'm struggling with the new $50 price for unlimited storage. Maybe Smugmug wants to "guide" us into its fancier website. Flickr has been around for a long time and has really stagnated over the years. Their business decision to shake things up is no real surprise. I'll continue to maintain my collection on my own drives regardless of my Flickr decision.

    Tom Gautier
  • Yep - same thoughts for me. Been a pro member for many years.....most likely will stay with the unlimited pro account....but now for $50/year..... Google, Amazon also offer photo options....but need full res unlimited storage.....

  • For the first year, Flickr will give current pro users a 30% discount (down to about $35). That's probably enough to keep me for another year. I checked SmugMug. Their cheapest plan is $3.99 per month for unlimited storage if you pay in 6-month chunks. That looks pretty good except for the fact that the social aspect of their website is terrible. Flickr is the best around in that regard IMO. SmugMug would be great if I was hoping to sell photos, but I'm not. Google Photos doesn't interest me, either.

    Life goes on, thank goodness.

    Tom G.
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