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As many have noted the KAP Discussion Page has been offline for three months due to server problems at my university. This has been a pretty frustrating experience for all involved. The prolonged outage was caused by a perfect-storm confluence of several factors. First, the discussion page site is old. The first version of the forum started in 1995. As successive generations of WWW servers and administrators marched through the years there were some odd decisions about how our site was addressed through redirects and aliases. These proved incompatible with contemporary security practices. Second, my college's WWW administrator left without notice and replacement staff had more pressing matters to attend. Third, as I have now been retired for six years I no longer have personal working relationships with the staff involved. And, finally, this discussion site is peripheral at best to the college's core misison. With all that said, I am most appreciative for the assistance from collecge staff in getting us back online. For now, we should all be able to review existing posts and add new ones.

The site has a new, and somewhat clunky, URL: http://research-benton.ced.berkeley.edu/discuss2/ The old URL should re-direct to this. Still, you might want to update your bookmarks.

Challenges remain and I will soon put together a new post regarding the future of this discussion page.


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    FWIW: I was so use to seeing the "error message" screen, I was STUNNED when the forum page actually came up...LOL
  • Great. That was a lovely surprise to see the KAP Forum back.
    Chris - can you thank the administrators for all their hard work to get us back online please?
    PS I've copied your post to the Facebook KAP page

    Fly High
  • Thanks for going above and beyond, Chris! And belated congrats on your retirement! Thanks also to the new administrators.

    Tom Gautier
  • Cris-
    A well deserved tip-of-the-KAP to you for your efforts to get this beloved resource " back-in-the-air ".
    Many thanks as well to those who assisted.

    Though it sometimes " feel lonely out here ", I am sure I am not alone wondering the future of the forum.
    No one can expect your efforts to be endless or forever. I am sure much thought has been done by you about
    the road, and skies ahead.

    Thanks again for all you have done.

    Washington, Massachusetts
  • Cris,

    A welcome return!

    Many thanks for the patience and effort you have put into this. I'm not much of a social animal but the community fostered by this forum is well worth the struggle to maintain it!

    The inspiration and encouragement found here is unique and would be a sad loss should there not be a home for it.

    I'm going through the process of UK Permission for Commercial Operations by SUA at the moment (yes I know this is not the place for comment on this- it's a decision I took with a heavy heart-please forgive me!) and it is revealing how much simpler, engaging and satisfying low level aerial phrography is by kite.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Fantastic news Cris!

    Thanks for all your efforts! Well appreciated.

    Agree with all your points above related to the KAP site vs. core mission of UC Berkeley.

    Agree with your thinking that a longer term strategy needs to be explored. I am certainly willing to participate in ideas going forward.

    Again - A big thank you!

    Jim (WW)
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    Good to see you all back! "You don't miss your water....."
    Thanks for the effort Cris,
  • Thank you very much for all the work you put into this forum!

    Marcus (aka Tiggr)

    PS: Vanilla is still a great choice of a forum! :-)
  • Let me add my heart-felt thanks too, Cris

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    Great news Cris
    Thanks for your patience and perseverance!
    I missed my daily visit on these pages! During this time off... Manu from theFrench Kap forum opened a section in english so that we could all continue to exchange, a nice touch !


    Thanks Cris for all your great efforts !

    This morning was a great positive surprise to open again the KAP FORUM page after so many trials it was a kind of automatic operation but expecting the usual NO GO warning

    3 long months are back !!!

    very very good

    SMAC from Italy
  • Hi Pierre !

    Good to " see" you all.
    Nice move on Manu's part. Thanks to him !
    What is the address of their site ?

    Not to seem weird but somehow the phrase
    " together again " seems to fit this morning !


    ps ... now we just need to hear from Brooks ....
  • Well done, Cris! I've missed all my KAP friends these past few months.

  • Hello fellow KAPers :)

    Oh, what a great suprise, I've been trying many times to open the site and today-yes today it works.
    I'm really happy for it.
    Chris and the crew we don't know nothing about: Thanks a lot, köszönjük szépen :)
    Many thanks in many ways.

    Smooth winds for all of you

    Komi -Hungary
  • Many thanks Chris, a truly Herculean effort!!
  • Bill,
    At the risk of sounding heretical, I think the SUA is yet another arrow in the quiver. And maybe not so easy
    or useful ( certainly not as potentially peaceful ) as one might think or hope.
    Do you frequent sites with fellow followers? Could you name one or two.

    I've had a Phantom for 3 years now, and not flown it yet. When I have the chance to shoot from the sky,
    still, upon the kites, I rely !

    Keep us posted. I do admire all of you who pursue UK aerial shooting, in spite of the gnarly ( anti- ) flight regs. !

    Be well,
  • Paul,
    Yes, curiously I find satisfaction in the viewpoint by any method but I have come to SUA by a dull necessity to get photos of roofs 'on demand', the project constraints I work with just didn't work out for KAP on too many occaisions.

    The translation of KAP skills to SUA photography is awkward, a kite gives remarkable predicability in camera position something which is more fluid with the drone.

    I'll say no more on this here as I feel the kite is uniquely useful for aerial photography and this forum need not dwell on the drone.


  • Good to see the site back online.
  • Bill,
    Points well taken. I understand your adamance about not discussing apples on the orange forum.
    I had just hoped for a lead or 2 from your for sites worth looking at for UAV, as there seem to be many out there.
    I would prefer a recommendation from someone with a background and experience such as yours.
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    It's all new to me, I'll let you know when I find something that makes photographic sense. It's a very different kettle of fish. I'll post what I learn on my blog:


    It is going to take a while to figure out what is of value over the blizzard of technobabble surronding the method. There are some exceptional photographers using SUA and skypixel is a good showcase.

  • Thank you, Bill.
    I will check out the "showcase",
    and keep an eye on your blog.
  • Paul,

    I have strung together some thoughts on this here:


    Getting over this roof when the wind wouldn't let me was the cause of all the trouble..


  • Bill,

    Peeked at your blog. Beautiful, thoughtful work.
    By which you are known !

    My own bias is for the beauty and feel of the kite, if it
    suits the task.

    Thirty years ago I flew 2 line kites for challenge, and to while away sunny hours on holiday.
    Have always been a photographer, so a dozen or so years ago, under the spell of Brooks and others,
    blending the two was a perfect mix. And the more you do with the 2, the more you realize
    what you can not do, with such equipment. And no wind..

    At the risk of sounding heretical, when it is all tallied-up, the mission is to get, one or more,
    hopefully unique photos, for a day's work. Enter the drone, as need, to complete the mission.

    Much of your work, that I have seen, has a very calming serenity to it.
    My short term goal is to learn to fly my Phantom 2 with a Canon S100.

    You are going to be quite the airman, schooled under some pretty high standards !


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    Thanks for the hard work to save the forum!! I felt like a part of me was missing for a few months.

    And, a bonus, after 13 years on the forum, I can now have an Avatar. :-)
  • Glad to see the site up again - I hadn't checked for a few weeks. Many thanks.
  • Hy guys, I'm glad that you, Cris, had the diplomacy to struggle among professionals server administrators.
    I really like the way you explain the bucket of problems you had to manage.
    Congratulation for this great story.

    French speaking KAP forum felt alone since weeks, It's happy to see these pages online again !!!

  • Great! Only noticed that the site was up and running today.
    I have been relying on the Wayback Machine Internet Archive for looking at old posts.

    I too have found 6000+ images and pages difficult to maintain (going back to the 1990s) with up to 16 domain names linking to pages that have been incorporated, over the years, into my main site.

    My simple solution, with the impending end to our Trust in April, is to take them all down, apart from the Register of Kite Aerial Photographers and Kite Remote Sensing Specialists. Now, I can just get on with flying ;o)
  • Seems an awful shame, John, after all your hard work, but I fully understand.
  • Ahhh! Well done you're back!! Sorry for not noticing sooner.

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