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KAPiCA 2016 - Pacific Grove

A few KAPers have expressed interest in a future KAP gathering in the coming months. If you are interested please provide input via the brief poll below. No name for the event is set. Just using KAPiXX

Brief poll for KAPiXX input and get a few ideas flowing. Please reply to each question below. I will post the same questions / poll on the WhatsApp group from KAPiCA 2016, French KAP site and on the flickr KAP group.

Timing (year):
a) 2019 - this year
b) 2020
Timing (Quarter)
a) 1st Q (winter in northern hemisphere)
b) 2nd Q
c) 3rd Q (summer in northern hemisphere)
d) 4th Q

a) US West (mix - Pacific Coast, Canyons area, Rockies)
b) US East (mix - Atlantic Coast, Urban mix (Wash DC, Philly, NYC))
c) Europe (mix - France - tied to a kite or other festival)
d) Europe (mix Iceland, Ireland and Scotland)
e) South Africa - Cape Town - other
f) Mid East (mix of Israel, Jordan and Egypt)
g) Other - add your own ideas

a) large airbnb home to save $ and add interaction time after flying time
b) individual hotels
c) other

a) fly and KAP near 90% of the time (similar to KAPiCA 2016) 10% planned events (no flying or KAPing)
b) fly and KAP near 75% of time and 25% planned event / presentations / lectures
c) limited flying and KAPing 25% and major focus on events / presentations / lectures 75%
d) Other


KAPiCA 2016 - Pacific Grove


  • Hi!

    This is a great idea :-)

    I'd say ... a) - c) or d) - c) or d) - a) - a) or b)

  • I think having a KAPi in Fano in June during the Fano kite meeting in Denmark would be great, lots of airBnB, lots of wind, kiters, kapers, a few of us are already attending this great event : wolfgangbieck, ralfbeutnagel, jim day, robert brasington and many others... we will be there too .... and the beer is good !

  • I like the idea of Fanoe, Pierre, but how exactly do you get to there? It looks closer to Hamburg than Copenhagen!
  • Dave, you either fly to Copenhague or Hamburg it is then a 2h30 drive to the coast and a 15 minutes ferry crossing to Fano. We rent a small comfortable Air BnB for 75 Euros a night. Here is a view of the beach.
  • What are the dates for Fano in June (assume 2019)?

  • See preliminary results from the KAPiXX poll. Will leave the poll open for a couple more weeks.

    KAPiXX Planning - Poll

  • Jim - Fanø is 20-23 June this year. I'm investigating the cost (and time) it would take to get me there. I don't think I can make the French get-together 'Comme un Nuage' at Notre Dame de Monts in August.
  • Thanks for the update.
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