Archaeological Aerial Thermography

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With the demise of the West Lothian Trust in April and the departure of fellow Trustee Jim Knowles for a new life in London, I have made some online changes.

I will continue kite flying with my son in Scotland and my daughter in England. Our efforts will be posted on Facebook for the relevant counties, West Lothian and Gloucestershire.

My webpage, with Facebook links, is now simple

Has anyone else flown a thermal imager yet?
Archaeologically, things to keep in mind:



  • Okay, I will ask: Demise??
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    As with the infamous Norwegian Blue. A farewell to the Trust's archaeologist Jim Knowles:
    I am just coming up to 70 and I thought that Jim's departure marked a good time to wind down the paperwork. I still have six Facebook pages but they are easy to manage.
    The website included pages for a town, several villages, two other historical societies, decades of genealogy research, all our KAP stuff and much more, along with associated domain names. It now consists of just three active pages.
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