Iron Age burial mounds

It's us again - by popular demand ;-) .... A couple of kite aerial photos of an Iron Age burial complex near Prelože, Slovenia.

The site as seen from a kite

Five barrows were explored that belong to Hallstatt C2-D1 culture, and were created between 7th and 6th century BCE.

Barrow 1

The site is presented as a nice archaeological park - well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area!

Northern group, Barrows 3 and 4 (unfortunately Barrows 2 and 5 were destroyed by previous excavations and agriculture)

Read more about the site on our KAP website ... ;-)


  • Great photos as usual, and it's wonderful that these constructions have been preserved.
  • edited April 2019

    And yes - preserved burial mounds are quite rare here, the intensive agriculture tends to flatten out everything ...
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