Grid Corrections / Fotomuseum The Hague

Slightly off topic but hopefully interesting enough to share: from May 24 until September 1 2019 I am having an exhibition and book presentation called Grid Corrections at the Fotomuseum in The Hague.

Artist-photographer Gerco de Ruijter (b. 1961, Vianen) has been exploring the landscape since the mid-1980s, picturing the world from unusual perspectives by attaching his camera to kites, balloons and fishing rods. In De Ruijter’s mysterious and almost abstract landscapes, the human scale competes with nature, and familiarity goes hand in hand with alienation. His photography gives the traditional image of the landscape a new dimension. Since 2012 De Ruijter has also been using satellite images from Google Earth in his work. This has resulted in the films CROPS (2012) and Playground (2014), and in his latest photographic series and film Grid Corrections (2017-2019)


  • great images, mr. de Ruijter ... amazing ... am truly envious!
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