WWKW 2019

Anybody up for KAP Week this year? I'm in if you are.

What week works good for you?


  • Sure. I'm retired, so any week that Aeolus smiles upon me is good.
  • Early September ?

    I may be wrong but I seem to recall that a 2 week window gave more of us more of a chance....
    Or maybe I'm just dreaming. Again.

    Hey Kevin, how's that new stow-away kite doing ?

    My best,
  • WWKW 2019 sounds great.

    2nd half of September works.

  • Let's ink it.
  • Count me in!

    ~ Erich
  • I'm in.

    Paul, I need to test it in stronger winds which are coming over the next 2 days. I'll report back in due course!
  • Sounds good to me. Are we looking at Sept 9th to 22nd? or do we think we want to stick to a week?
  • I'm game too!!

  • I'm in. I've not done a lot of KAP lately but will Fly High during WWKW 2019

    Fly High
  • Me too. Smooth winds for you all
  • Fun initiative to join! Wish you all clean winds.

  • Great idea. I'm in.

  • Count me in.
  • What ARE the dates ? I may have missed the decision .... last 2 weeks in September ?
  • If we say 14th to 29th then that covers 3 weekends.
  • Perfect dates for me! Will be flying nearly every day over Avalon, NJ...

  • BUMP!

    WWKW 2019 starts this Saturday.

    I've just fixed my bugged out Panono 360 camera ball, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and putting it to good use again.
  • Day 1 - anyone fly?
  • I did. Still going through 795 photos. :-) Should have something soon.
  • By chance, not realising it was WWKW 2019, Ken and I did some KAP on Sunday at Bridlington UK. There was a Land Sand Stone festival over the weekend.
    On the Friday they did a 1.3 mile sand drawing on the South Beach. Saturday was focused on Land art at Sewerby Hall and Sunday when we went, there was a family stone stacking competition on the North Beach with some "professional" stackers too. There were 3 really big sand drawings and a smaller one which was our objective.
    We used a 10ft delta which flew well once above the hotel level. The SJ4000 on a simple Picavet rig looking straight down over the sand drawings just took in the whole picture. On the way back I took over and went along the Promenade, dodging the lamposts, for a wider view which included the sea as the high tide approached.
    When we got to the stone stacking area the camera was angled at about 45° to take in the atmosphere.

    Sand art Bridlington 2019
  • Good timing, Sue!
  • Gets dark early these days,,,
    This was after all the horses had gone to bed. The Severalls at Newmarket raked and ready for the gallops in the morning,

  • Our first WWKW 2019 session in Ljubljana was turbulent, exhausting and produced less than we expected ... but still, every KAP is a good KAP! ;-)


    See a couple more of those on our KAP website ...

    And we fly again ASAP! :-)
  • Hi Folks,

    Sorry for being away way too long. I understand that the WWKW concept is still going and that's nice to see!

    I do KAP every now and then and I found out just in time that WWKW2019 is being held right now. So I grabbed my stuff and made it happen.


  • edited September 2019
    At last, I managed to take some photos!

    swan boats and bumper boats 2

    And again:
    A river runs through it
  • On perhaps the very last day of the summer...image
  • Awesome - live view assisted or a lucky autoKAP catch?
  • edited September 2019
    Live view..and a bit of luck. It's accidental in as much as I was not out to snap rowers but to capture work on our new cycle bridge over the Cam:
    but despite piling on the height I couldn't frame both sides of the river.
    I did manage to catch a train though:
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