WWKW 2019

Anybody up for KAP Week this year? I'm in if you are.

What week works good for you?


  • Sure. I'm retired, so any week that Aeolus smiles upon me is good.
  • Early September ?

    I may be wrong but I seem to recall that a 2 week window gave more of us more of a chance....
    Or maybe I'm just dreaming. Again.

    Hey Kevin, how's that new stow-away kite doing ?

    My best,
  • WWKW 2019 sounds great.

    2nd half of September works.

  • Let's ink it.
  • Count me in!

    ~ Erich
  • I'm in.

    Paul, I need to test it in stronger winds which are coming over the next 2 days. I'll report back in due course!
  • Sounds good to me. Are we looking at Sept 9th to 22nd? or do we think we want to stick to a week?
  • I'm game too!!

  • I'm in. I've not done a lot of KAP lately but will Fly High during WWKW 2019

    Fly High
  • Me too. Smooth winds for you all
  • Fun initiative to join! Wish you all clean winds.

  • Great idea. I'm in.

  • Count me in.
  • What ARE the dates ? I may have missed the decision .... last 2 weeks in September ?
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